Clean Caffeine Microdosing brings out the Best in You
Personalize Your Power!
Knockout artificial energy drinks and over-sugarfied sodas


The Only Patented Clean Caffeine Gummy

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Clean Caffeine Purity

Premium, Powerful Arabica Green Coffee Bean Caffeine.


All Natural & Organic Ingredients

Assorted Gummies: Apple, Grape, Lime, Orange, Fruit Punchd & Peach.


DV Vitamin C

Vital in boosting your immune system and immunity.


DV Carbs

No blood-sugar spikes, no bounces and no crashes. Great for Keto Diets.

100 mg

Caffeine Per Pack

10mg per gummy; 10 gummies per pack.

We cracked the code.
You have the Power!

Taste the Power.
Feel the Punch!

Pop a serving of Punch’d every hour or so to take advantage of almost limitless energy levels throughout your day or night.

First Timers


Use discount Code: FirstTry and take Punch’d with you for those critical moments when clean caffeine is all that will get you going or get your through.

Power Users

Coming Soon

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