The plan has been revised from “Just Show Up” to a longer term vison with the key underlying message being that you need to find your passion. Enjoy work, because then its not. Create your dream job, it doesn’t just show up.

An excerpt from Pops to Nico yesterday: “You need to spend the next 10 years of your life (post-graduation) figuring out what it is you are really good at, and what you like to do, find mentors and take the good stuff from them in your formative years….”

“…. And then in your 30’s, you focus in on that and really get good at it. Become an expert in your field, hit the 10,000 hour mark in what you’re doing, it takes a long time to be really good at something …”

“…. So that in the next decades you can make money with your expertise, pass on the knowledge and save for your retirement.”

We all get caught up in the pressure to make money and buy things, which then causes us to loose sight of the big picture and the longer term plan. Spend the time, do the work, the rest will come.

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