Amazon is obliterating traditional retail.
Amazon is making new product companies great.
Amazon is taking over the world.

Our new goal as a young grocery/gourmet product startup is not just to get our Amazon store right with discounts and subscriptions and special packaging and two-day shipping options, it is to be included in the Prime Now service. One hour, or in a lot of cases under an hour, delivery in strategic markets and cities. Wow. Try not to get used to this, try not to get spoiled, try not to feel guilty using this service while thinking about what’s involved to make that happen.

This is also about their ever growing logistics army. Dozens of smaller warehouses are going up in these Prime Now Cities and markets. Check out pictures of their Midtown Manhattan places: Imagine all these people stocking and popping into these spaces for essentials and supplies, flinging stuff everywhere at breakneck speeds. They could probably turn those locations into full fledged convenience stores.

The only way Punch’d Energy becomes included in Prime Now is if consumers want us. We have a long way to go to make that happen, and we need to level/rank up a bunch of times before we even get included in a conversation.

We’re just getting started, we know what we need to do, and now the ultimate goal for us with Amazon has been raised. Wonder how many times I’ll say this over the next 2-3 years?

We need to be included in the one hour delivery service Prime Now.

/Prime member since 2005. It’s been a decade.

Punch'd Energy on Amazon Prime