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Are Negative Calorie Foods A Thing?

The math isn't perfect, and apples aren't "-22 calories right out of the basket" so let's get into it. 

What are "negative calorie foods" in the correct context ?

Food that contain less calories than the body burns by eating them.

In other words, you will actually lose weight by eating these types of foods because you are expending more calories walking to the refrigerator to get them, chewing them, digesting them, doing the dishes and then bopping around your kitchen afterwards than the actual calorie content from that food item. 

Is an apple a negative calorie food? Here's where the argument starts ... No, an apple is not a negative calorie food on paper, but this is why the overall equation matters. The total number of calories in a medium size apple is 95 calories and 25g carbs. They are also >85% water and fibrous. Polyphenols in apples help increase metabolism to help burn all types of body fat, including the bad visceral belly fat. If we were mathematicians, the equation might look like this:

-A = (C+C) - H2O - f - F - xy
where -A = negative apple calories; C+C = Cals + Carbs; H2O = water; f =fiber; F = Fat; xy = activity.

So what's the answer? The answer is that in this scenario, which is normally how we all consume apples, it is indeed a negative calorie food. How about some other example foods.

Punch'd Energy Gummies. Of course! 35 cals per serving, 20% water + real fruit (including apples) + green coffee bean caffeine which is also a natural fat burner and thermogenic and BOOM! Chewing Caffeine Gummies increases your metabolism almost immediately while increasing mental and physical performance in anything you do during the day.


Celery. 14 cals per cup, 95% water

Carrots. 52 cals per cup, 88% water

Lettuce. 5 cals per cup, 95% water

Broccoli. 31 cals per cup, 89% water

Grapefruit, 69 cals per cup, 92% water

Tomatoes, 32 cals per cup, 94% water

Cucumbers, 8 cals per cup, 95% water

Watermelon, 46 cals per cup, 91% water


Try these foods out for yourself, how do you feel? We all have different reactions to different foods.

The concept of negative calorie foods is a good one, and in direct opposition of high calorie, bad for you foods. Grab some fruit and Punch'd Gummies instead of a bag of pretzels and a coke. That's an extreme calorie contrast and an example of foods the body will be happy about vs. foods the body will get stuck on.


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