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Bad Girl Exercises

Have you ever used the bad girl or good girl machines at the gym? 

Bet you didn’t even know the the hip abductor and adductor machines were called this. 

If these two machines were labeled "Bad Girl" and "Good Girl" instead of tough to remember "Abductor & Adductor" everybody would be on them and they would be trending on social media all the time. Which one should you use? Depends on your mood and if they bought you dinner first right? 

If you’re like me you’ve always passed them up, either because they are too weird or because you thought they were bad for you.  One of these machines is a great addition to your leg day if your a guy, for women both are very good finishers.  

For the men, you only want to be a bad girl. Good girls don’t work with the male musculature. There’s a joke in here somewhere, but this seriously great tip comes from Dan @ Health First Fitness who actually re-introduced me to these machines. 

The Rock is a bad girl.

Bad girls (Abductor) or “Hello Boys!" are great for working the glutes and the hips, and really tie together the bigger movements like squats or sleds on leg days. Stabilizing muscle and tendon strength in the gluteus medias and minimus are key to feeling like everything is in perfect alignment, and provide a bit of uplift to the buttocks. After I did 3 sets of bad girls while increasing weight I jumped off and felt lighter and more nimble, I was looking around for a hoop to dunk on. Tension around my knees, most likely IT Band, felt like it went away immediately. I wanted to do more but knew I was already going to be sore from the newly introduced movement and didn’t want to over do it. I’ll let you know how I feel tomorrow.

If you pay attention to social media, bad girls for women are being modified to grow that coveted Kardashian booty. It photographs well (see above). Check it out here: Booty Booty Bad girls for women help create that bubble butt, Monique de Dios shows you how on her Insta: @dizzy_fitness

You can also do this exercise with bands, which also a great way to tie in an end of leg workout routine, as Jes shows us.


The other side of the leg are the Good girls, which are the “squeeze your legs in” movement. So innocent. This movement results in more well defined thighs on the medial side as well as a strengthening in the adductor longus, brevis and magnus which will also assist you with lunges and squats. Groin pulls for men are a fear here, again musculature is different.

Try incorporating this movement (men) or movements (women) towards the end of your leg day workouts. Lunges before or after are a really nice addition as well. It's the detail work, the little things, that separate us all from greatness. This is a great example of maximizing your workout.

Would love other trainer’s feedback on these machines and their place in a workout routine - tons of opinions on these 2 machines.

What do you think Trainers?

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