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Best Investment Pitch Ever

Best Investment Pitch Ever

Product pitches don’t have to be complicated or cumbersome. If they are, try bringing some caffeine gummies to the table to help.

We’re raising another round of investment to push aggressively into C-Stores with creative retail and we’ve had some great meetings and have been networking with some very accomplished people. Introducing our natural caffeine gummies at the beginning of every meeting immediately changes the energy in the room.

BEFORE the meeting everyone is posturing and in most cases a little tired or over worked and this is when the caffeine gummies provide an instant ice breaker. Caffeine Gummies?!

DURING the meeting real world use questions arise because packs are ripping and the gummies are popping. Some say they are delicious, some say a little bitter, some say sour and even a few people have said they are too sweet. It’s clear these gummies aren’t candy, and we all recognize the natural and organic ingredient value and the powerful effect of raw green coffee bean caffeine energy. These little gummies are shaking up the energy drink and energy shot markets. They really work! And they work fast..

AFTER the meeting everyone wants to know where to get them as they are doing the math in their heads on how they are immediately going to change their caffeine routines. They also want to know if they can join Team Punch’d, not just from an investment standpoint, but really join in the fun in the marketplace.

One potential investor told us “This was the best investment pitch ever!”

Punch’d is the star of any meeting. Try it. Punch’d brings people together with a personal value proposition that can be added to any product pitch making it better and more memorable.

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