All Caffeine isn't Created Equal

Caffeine is one of nature’s greatest gifts to humanity. People have been consuming caffeine for over a 1000 years all around the world.  90% of the global population consumes caffeine in some form. In America, 80% of the adults consume caffeine daily. The health benefits of caffeine are endless: reduced inflammation, enhanced memory (Nature Neuroscience), improved cognitive function, increased athletic performance (Journal of sports science), aids in healthy longevity, reduced cognitive decline of the brain from Alzheimers (Johns Hopkins research), etc., Caffeine stimulates central nervous system which increases mental alertness and reaction times.

However, there are some caveats!  Caffeine taken in large doses and taken in energy drink form, which contains a bunch of harmful chemicals and a ton of sugar, is harmful in many ways. All caffeine isn't created equal and more isn’t necessarily better. Too much caffeine might make you jittery, shaky, and anxious. 

Clean caffeine from nature taken in small doses could provide tremendous health benefits without any of the side effects. Check out the article (published on Mind Body Green)*link below to article on caffeine micro-dosing by Dr. Marvin Singh that focuses on how to optimize your caffeine intake in order for you to stay in your productive state throughout the day.

While many people use caffeine and coffee interchangeably, they are not necessarily the same. Because coffee happens to be acidic in nature and must be processed by our digestive tract, it can lead to unintended reactions for some people including acid reflux, gastric ulcers, IBS, laxative and other ill effects.

Because of these side effects, lots of people just avoid coffee. That is like saying, “running is bad for my knees so I will just stop working out!” It would be much more effective to instead workout using other routines, such as biking or swimming, that won’t hurt our knees but can provide all the benefits of working out? 

Similarly, what if you can get all the amazing health benefits of caffeine and none of the side effects of coffee?  One easy and yummy way is to consume it in a form that doesn't have to get processed in the digestive system! This is possible if you can chew your caffeine. This may not sound very enticing because caffeine in its purest form is extremely bitter. However, one company has cracked the code in delivering all the benefits of pure caffeine while bypassing the digestive tract in a totally enjoyable way: organic fruit-infused pure caffeine gummies! Processing caffeine through the oral mucosal delivery system prevents first pass metabolism and enzymatic degradation. This enables caffeine’s immediate release action and increased bioavailability. It took 2 years of tireless research and development along with food scientists from Stanford, US Military, National Food Laboratory, and LSU to finally deliver this product to the market. 

Caffeine gets a bad rap these days and we are here to clear its name so we can actually maximize the benefits of this natural aide. Thanks to Punch’d, you now have a clean caffeine gummy made from pure, premium Arabica green coffee beans. We cracked the code! And we have IP to prove it.

Join the clean caffeine revolution and reach your potential!