Caffeine gets a bad rap these days … We’re here to clear its name because we think it's one of the healthiest things on the planet for us (as humans).

For decades, Big Sugar and Big Soda have ruined caffeine for us by maximizing their profits and pushing sugar addiction that’s killing us.

Optimal performance does not come from sugar, it comes from caffeine.

Until now, there was no better-for-you, low sugar, low glycemic natural caffeine alternative on the market. Especially not one made from pure, premium Arabica green coffee beans. We cracked the code! And we have IP to prove it.

It’s our job to help you knock out all those artificial energy drinks and whipped cream lattes with clean caffeine in a real fruit gummy. Want a way to get through your day with a real smile on your face ? Use “FirstTry” here on site. 

Clean Caffeine Microdosing is the optimal way to power up your day!

Get Punch’d in less than 2 minutes, because you chew your energy! It dissolves and absorbs instead of digests, the fastest way into your energy system. Ultra-low glycemic and hyper portable so you’ll never have to suffer the spikes, bounces and crashes again. 

Find your optimal energy zone – and stay there all day. Microdosing caffeine gummies maximizes your focus & productivity. Because It’s personal, and we’re all different, that’s why we say PyP: Personalize Your Power.

Now get out there and Keep Punching!