Caffeine Gummies from Punch’d Energy. What are they?

There have been more than a few questions on these little squishy energy packed gummies. The “goal as we roll” out our products is to provide a baseline for use cases and even a little natural caffeine education. Expectations need to be re-calibrated because most have had the jitters or crash experiences with caffeine, especially from the energy drink, shot and big soda companies feeding us full of sugar-laden syrupy chemical badness. Coffee drinkers usually have a good handle on what works for them when it comes to caffeine, but there is still the risk of getting too much at once along with too much sugar and milk. We can help.

Pop 2-4 gummies and see how they work for you. Add 2-4 more as needed, or more for full effect – everybody is different, personalize your power. We’re packaging 8 gummies per pouch. Recommend not exceeding more than 5 packs of gummies a day, which follows the suggested daily allowance of caffeine by the Mayo Clinic.

Here’s the math – 10mg of natural caffeine per gummie. 4 in a serving, or 40mg’s of caffeine which is ~1/2 cup of Joe or ~1/2 can of an energy drink. The first key differentiator for us is the word “natural”, as in from a plant, the coffee berry/bean plant found growing out of the ground. If your energy drink or soda just says caffeine on the ingredient label without describing where it comes from it’s most likey fake or synthetic. This means that it was processed, in a lab, or maybe even in a sketchy warehouse in the middle of nowhere under a single dim lightbulb to save money and maximize profits. Why should you care? Because natural caffeine has really amazing and inherent health properties, and may even be one of the healthiest things on the planet for us. Check out our web site: – we could go on about the natural health properties for hours and hours and probably will in another post here, so many great studies and research out there on caffeine. One other point on natural vs. synthetic, when people say they have problems with caffeine it’s usually because they consume too much caffeine, but it also may be that the synthetically produced caffeine is causing problems, especially in the stomach. Try these gummies in small doses, one or two at a time, and see if they can improve your personal energy levels without causing problems.

More math and replacing energy drinks and sodas – 1 can of a typical energy drink has ~80mg of caffeine; sodas are ~35mg. This equals either 1/2 pack (4 Gummies) or 1 pack (8 gummies) from Punch’d Energy. The difference in calories, carbs, sugars, syrups and junk ingredients is substantial. Cost, convenience and portability are also big advantages.

To be fair, Punch’d Gummies are not intended to replace our favorite morning coffee or our after dinner espresso, but to compliment the traditional and old school way of getting our natural caffeine. They’ll also save you time from standing in line at your coffee shop, which in turn will save you a boat load of money. The gummies are specifically intended to clean up our energy drink and soda habits which in turn helps with dietary concerns and disease prevention. If you do want to replace your morning coffee, try them in the refrigerator, they’re great cold and have vitamin c in them!

Another key differentiator with the gummies is that they digest quickly while chewing, through the linings of the cheeks and mouth and in the throat (see: Buccal Mucosa). Most of us feel the boost quickly within 2-3 minutes, as opposed to any other drink which has to go down through the stomach and then be transmitted through out the rest of the body. That’s a big deal. Fast energy when you need it most, no wait and almost instant gratification.

There’s much more to this story, and if you’ve made it this far maybe you’re interested. Drop us a line, ask us anything you’d like, we’ll continue to share the gummie love with Punch’d Gummies!

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