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Chuck Fresh Really Gets Punch'd


Listen! (the audio is here at 25:37) You are not going to become an Olympian by drinking brown sugar water. You’re not going to become a supermodel sipping over-syrup'd lattes. But sometimes you need a little kick in the buttocks to get things going. 

I’m not gonna lie - caffeine works! It wakes you up. It perks you up. Caffeine is found in almost every commercial fat-burning supplement. It’s one of the few natural substances proven to aid fat burning. It also increases natural epinephrine levels in your blood, giving you more energy and stamina. There are even studies that prove caffeine may help ward off Alzheimer’s, cataracts, skin cancers, some liver disorders, kidney stones, asthma, erectile dysfunction, tinnitus in women, and may even make your heart stronger! Caffeine is a friggin miracle drug, people! 

But the only way you could get it - until now, is awful tasting caffeine pills, in a soda jacked up with about 11 teaspoons of sugar or something worse, or in a six dollar syrupy latte. 

The scientists and good peeps at Punch’d Energy have found a way to safely, naturally, and effectively deliver a safe dose without the nasty taste of caffeine pills or the awful coffee breath - Punch’d Energy Gummies. 

Punch’d Energy is the first truly viable alternative to death in a can, artificial energy drinks, watered down energy shots, ridiculously sugary sodas and over-syrup’d giant expensive lattes. Grab a water, or bubble it up with a sparkling water and a pack or two of Punch’d. See how productive you are that day, how you feel, and what the scale says the next day. Change your caffeine routine, naturally. 

Hit up www dot punch'd energy - that PUNCH D ENERGY dot com. No E in punched. Why not? Who wants ED anyways?


So Fun. So Fresh. #getpunchd PunchdEnergy.com


Indie Originals and their radio broadcast, Indie Originals Live, gives life changing advice and game changing assistance to independent musicians. They are incredibly dedicated to educating, supporting, and promoting independent musicians, authors, filmmakers, and talents. They know first-hand that getting kids interested in the arts and into a creative position can help keep them out of trouble. Sponsors and tax deductible contributions are always welcomed, and they're always adding great people to the team.

Chuck Fresh is the American-born son of Latvian immigrants. His parents. along with the rest of his melting pot neighborhood, all had strangely delightful accents, many of which Chuck emulated on the telephone and in drive-thrus to unsuspecting victims. Little did he know those characterizations would someday lead to a very lucrative career! Fresh became one of Philadelphia’s leading DJs, and he had dice in the mirror. Today he's one of the top voiceover talents in the world, currently an announcer on Sirius XM radio. Fresh wrote the published books Party Games and How To Be A DJ, along with 15 other self-published titles based on his crazy experiences. Pursuing a career in marketing with Time-Life in the early 2000s, Fresh learned the music, book, and film business. He opened a marketing company which helped several folks achieve prominence in sales and performance. Fresh is the writer and producer of three indie music projects, so he’s well aware of indie music industry trends. Along with Felicia B, Fresh produces and co-hosts the hit podcast and national radio program, Indie Originals Live. 

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Chuck Fresh September 10, 2019

Our whole team is hooked on Punch’d! They’re calling me “Captain Punch’d” around here! Srsly, tastes great, affordable, convenient, and it works. My wife is angry that I no longer suffer from ED. She’s walking funny these days. We’re big Punch’d fans and happy to spread the word! www.indieoriginals.com

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