Bought the wrong tea today.

Missed the label differences, again. If you don’t look carefully at the fine print you miss it. There is a hierarchy to product labeling, the spots your eyes go to first, second, third… And now I’m looking at a lady with a basket picking fruit.

We love steaz in our house, but getting increasingly frustrated with them because the last few times we’ve bought the “Zero Calorie” versions by accident. Look at the pic, you can see why. Easy to miss the skinny small font, especially when they’re loaded together in the chilled section at New Leaf. Are they doing this on purpose, or is it just a designer issue?

Buyer Beware: Zero Calorie means a lot of things to manufacturers. Is this case it means Erythritol, Malic Acid and Stevia.

Erythritol: Sugar Alcohol. Can cause side effects such as diarrhea, headache, and stomachache in some people.
Malic Acid: The side effects most frequently experienced include muscle pain, nausea, redness, constipation, swollen skin, chest pain and itching.
Stevia: Sugar substitute. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not approved stevia leaves or “crude stevia extracts” for use as food additives. Studies on stevia in those forms raise concerns about the control of blood sugar and effects on the reproductive, cardiovascular, and renal systems, the FDA warns. I don’t know which stevia is being used.

Not to mention the weird after taste.

Why even go down this path steaz? Market pressure. Sales. What? I realize there are other pressures involved and that because these ingredients are “natural” it is assumed all is ok somewhere in the company.

Even though we’re just a little squishy energy gummie company, we keep it clean and tasty over here at Punch’d.

Natural CLEAN LABEL Caffeine Energy Gummies:
The healthy and fit alternative to energy drinks, shots and sodas. Real citrus and assorted fruit gummies with Vitamin C, green coffee bean caffeine and other natural and organic ingredients. Each power packed gummie has 10mg of caffeine, 8 per pack equals one cup of coffee, an espresso or an energy drink. No chemicals, no artificial sweeteners and no synthetic ingredients. Sourced and Made in the USA.

Punch'd Energy Green Label