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Energy Gummes Make My Life Easier

by Johnny Punchd 23 Nov 2016 0 Comments

This Story was written to us by the wonderful Chanelle, Thank you Chanelle!!

As a professional athlete, freelance writer, and generally busy person, I’m always looking for the next shortcut that will make my daily routine run a little bit more smoothly.

For example, I stay organized by using a combination of mobile apps that keep track of my business and personal to do lists. They all sync with my Google calendar and I never miss a deadline – or a workout. Yup, I track my workouts with a to do list app, too.

When it comes to eating right, the best way I’ve found to keep my diet on track (even when I’m not in bodybuilding competition prep) is to prepare a week’s worth of meals ahead of time. Just like anyone else, I’m susceptible to the siren song of fast food when I’m hungry and on the move.

By prepping my meals in advance, I can just grab a healthy meal from the fridge, heat it, eat it and go without causing harm to anyone in my way with my hangry ‘tude. Yeah, meal prepping takes some getting used to, but the returns are far greater than the inconvenience of a couple of hours in the kitchen on Sundays.

To get through long days of work projects and heavy weights, I count caffeine as my main ally. I usually start the day with one or two cups of coffee, but often find myself losing steam around 1 p.m. and dying for a nap. Even though they’re tempting, I try to avoid drinking caffeinated beverages after lunchtime. Why? Well, on days I do succumb and have another cuppa, I have a hell of a time getting to sleep at night.

For the past two weeks I’ve been testing out Punch’d energy gummies to see if they could help me push through that early afternoon slump without keeping me up at night and spoiler alert: they’re awesome and do exactly that.

I recently had the good fortune to connect with the people behind Punch’d Energy, who sent me a care package of energy gummies to try out. They’ve pleasantly surprised me by coming in handy in a variety of situations!

I used them for work

The first thing I tried the energy gummies for was as a replacement for my second cup of morning joe. I took the recommended serving size of four gummies and – without exaggeration – noticed a boost of energy within five minutes of finishing them.

They gave me the energy to finish some writing projects I’d been working on and honestly, chewing on gummies was just way more fun than sipping on a cup of coffee. And the best part? I didn’t crash that afternoon and had zero trouble sleeping that night.

I shared them

My boyfriend and I recently moved into a new house and we’ve been working on numerous (seemingly endless) home DIY projects on the weekends. We tend to psych ourselves up for the project the night before and wake up ready to get started.

So on days when we hopped in the car first thing in the morning to head to Lowe’s, it was nice to be able to share a package of energy gummies instead of waiting for coffee to brew. Since each package contains two servings, they were perfect to split between the two of us.

One Saturday, we decided to have some friends over for an impromptu housewarming party. We planned to have some pizza (a diet splurge for me!), watch a wrestling match, and just hang out. Well we’re not as spry as we used to be, so when 8 p.m. rolled around and our friends still hadn’t arrived, we decided to share another package of gummies as a pre-party pick-me-up. They woke us right up (and the first party at our new place was a success)!

I used them for workouts

My first thought when I learned about Punch’d gummies was that they’d make a perfect pre-workout energy boost. Like I mentioned above, I rarely drink caffeinated beverages after lunchtime because they cause me to have trouble sleeping. Since I prefer to work out in the afternoon or evening, this completely eliminates the option to use a caffeinated pre-workout drink mix even though the boost I’d get from one would be very welcome.

From my work day trial, I already knew that the gummies wouldn’t cause me to crash or lose sleep, so I went ahead and had a serving before an arm workout.

I had forgotten how much I love being able to have caffeine before my workouts! The caffeine (naturally derived from green coffee beans) kicked in on the 15 minute drive to the gym and when I got there, I was perked up and ready to lift.

They’re a perfect fit for an active lifestyle

If you’re on the go all the time like I am, I think you’ll find that the convenience of energy gummies allows you to be more productive. They are fun to eat, all-natural, and they’re easier and more cost effective than making or buying a cup of coffee every time you need a boost.

Give them a try!

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