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Fight Back Against Cancer

Empirical Evidence of Coffee and Caffeine on Cancer Prevention. All in one place.

One of the most powerful ways we can provide a complete summary of a singular research topic is by meta-analysis. Meta-analysis is the statistical data combination of multiple studies, and since there are so many studies on the benefits and health properties of natural coffee and caffeine, this a very helpful way to review the data.

Fighting cancer is an important topic for a lot of us, my father had ureter cancer and beat it. My friend had colon cancer and beat it. We're friends with a woman beating breast cancer right now. More have won, others have not been so fortunate.

The results of a (LINK) meta-analysis of 500 academic papers conducted at UCLA  found that coffee had a strong and consistent protective association with liver cancer and cancer of the uterus, and a borderline protective association with colorectal cancer. There's much more information in the document, work cited on other forms of cancer, and it's all eye opening and helpful to understand as we continue our research.

Natural, green coffee is a superfood. That's why we put in in Punch'd Energy. It's the basis for everything we do here.

It reduces your risk of serious diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, dementia and Parkinson's, as well as a host of minor afflictions, including constipation and premature ejaculation. There are even more physical and mental performance improvements associated.

If there was a product and ingredient proven to reduce cellular damage making it less likely for you to get cancer and maybe even prevent cancer would you be interested? What if that product was easy to use, readily convenient and in a superfruit gummie?

There is still so much more to learn, and more natural products to create with your health & wellness in mind. Start with our first product: Punch'd Energy Caffeine Gummies.






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