Things feel different right now. There’s a lot of hope and positivity in the air. Rebirth, Personal Growth, Game on. And here comes the rise of the ‘self-care aficionado’.

Want to be one? Only 5% of the global population fit this category today.

That number needs to grow substantially if we’re going to make it through the next pandemic.


Let’s really focus on staying healthy, building a strong immune system, and causing little to no inflammation in the body. Preventative Healthcare is one step above aging gracefully. Taking charge of your health and happiness just became a lot more important and isn’t something we can just take for granted anymore. We want products & services that make us feel good physically and mentally. Here’s a recommended pit crew for your body:

Let’s get this out of the way: NATURAL Caffeine is one of the healthiest things on the planet for us. Used the right way and in moderation, caffeine will extend our days and our happiness without being a detriment.


This is where microdosing caffeine comes in. You’ve heard the term, it’s the best way to avoid caffeine fatigue during your day, and it’s also the answer for a great night sleep.

Microdosing for productivity is not a new concept. Living in Silicon Valley has made this type of hack a normal part of the fast charging startup culture. Check out this Ted Talk:


Remember the movie ‘Limitless’ – with Bradley Cooper? They called it NZT, the wonder drug that made you smarter and way more productive and advanced than other humans. Or ‘Lucy’ – Scarlett Johansson, who accidentally stumbled into a synthetic nootropic called CPH4 which promises to activate way more than just the 10% of our brains that we access daily. The real life legal, Amazon’s Choice version of those is Punch’d Energy.


Imagine a messy pile of wires & cords sitting on your desk, that’s your normal brain. Now imagine a wireless connection, organized, focused and clear – that’s your microdosed brain. Just the right amount for you personally, the right dose at the right time to keep you feeling perfectly in tune and in the groove.


Natural caffeine in lower doses over a longer period of time have been proven more effective in countless studies, all available online. The key is to avoid the dreaded Spike – Bounce – Crash cycle that most other caffeine products cause. And then there’s the issue with cut/watered down lab-based synthetic caffeines. If the nutrition label doesn’t call out the natural plant source, it’s not natural, it’s just ‘caffeine’.


You know how somedays you are just super productive for seemingly no reason? Yeah, that’s the feeling. Work and tasks get easier, you’re more creative, colors are brighter, distractions melt away. It’s a relatively minor effect in the scheme of things, especially in this over-sugared, artificial sweetener, mega vitamin’d up world we live in today. There’s no megaphone here, no crazy energy drink stuff, but that’s not what you want anyway. Just the natural caffeine.


To utilize Caffeine Gummies as part of your daily caffeine routines, you need to have a plan. Are you going to coffee in the morning and get Punch’d in the afternoon? Or are you ready to switch over altogether and just go gummy today? Here’s something to try: Ramp into your optimal caffeine level with 4-5 Punch’d Energy Gummies or more, then add 2-3 or more as needed every hour or other hour for your 8-10 hour work day. Try that for a month. Keep a journal, or a calendar and schedule of your dosages to really dive into the improvements made.


This will change you in so many good ways. It will reduce your cravings for other sweets and you will be able to drastically reduce your calories and sugars. It will make you want to check that mirror and more importantly smile more. And it will bring you one step closer to being a ‘self-care aficionado’. Punch’d needs to be in a movie!
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