The Punch’d Mission is "To empower consumers with the ability to harness their own “Edge” with fast-acting, clean, green, and the most fun & personal caffeine on the planet.”  At the heart of this mission is “empowering consumers to harness their own edge.”  In full context, this “Edge” is necessary to smash through barriers on the journey to achieve goals, to make dreams real, to share those stories.  In short, Punch’d Energy is a vital element to help everyone Get Their Edge.

This mission and ethos, taps into the essence of what endurance athletes of all disciplines, especially multisport athletes, face in their own life needs and training challenges each day.  Motivation is high. Time is short. Goals are set. Precision matters. Community is there. Fatigue is real. The journey awaits.

Enter Punch’d Energy.

The benefits of caffeine on training and sport are proven and research documented and Punch’d Energy not only offers caffeine but has set the new standard for athletes in quality, ingredients, precision, portability, safety, with the ultimate level of personal control.  Punch’d is a necessity for athletes to “get their edge” and create the stories that will be shared & remembered.

Punch’d Energy is forging ahead on an aggressive market expansion plan.  Punch’d is targeting all levels of athletes and non-athletes and providing the ability to make the most out of their goals & training.  The USAT has a community of over 400,000 multisport athletes that could benefit the most from their training with uniqueness, effectiveness, portability, and precision Punch’d Energy products offer.

The “edge” is what every person, especially athletes, is either searching for, or at very least, trying to get their edge back.  Why?  Because the journey of training, sport, and competition is full of stories written with training & results achieved or missed.  The “edge” often makes or breaks the story and how it’s shared and/or remembered.  Punch’d provides athletes control, precision, and the “edge” needed in that journey to realize their dreams and share their stories.

Endurance athletes, specifically multi-sport athletes, understand the focus needed and structured training like no other athlete.  As such, it’s why that even after the average triathlete peaks at 35 years of age, many continue to train AND compete well past 35, in many cases in shorter distances and/or age-group categories.  Those same 35+ athletes are typically time-crunched and/or “weekend warriors” by nature and generally, they are more in-tune with their bodies, metabolism, and needs versus their younger counterparts.  To have success, their structured training requires a lot more control, discipline, & commitment.  Plus, less “training” time typically forces these athletes to perform higher intensity intervals more often than the longer duration training.

Whether peaked or not, time-crunched or not, the key to success and training longevity for endurance athletes is focus, smart training, precision, and recovery.  Punch’d, through it’s patented & proprietary formulas, offers the precision and portability necessary for all endurance athletes to train smart and maximize efforts.  Caffeine adds that “edge” and is why Punch’d Energy is quickly becoming the athletes preferred choice.

In multi-sport and endurance where precision, portability, and timing matter, Punch’d views the collaboration with USAT athletes as a win-win for both organizations.


Harun Simbirdi

Harun on "The Climb"