Gotta have it now culture, more than ever before, no matter the product or service.

I just lost an hour of my life booking a flight on United. Online booking was busted, called in and got hung up on at the end of the booking, called back in and was on hold for 10 minutes, then had to redo the whole reservation for another 25 minutes. Not acceptable today. I got angry, then I wondered how United is going to stay in business like this, oh and their automated messaging guy made it worse and didn’t retain any of the information he painstakingly tried to capture.

Brewing a pot of coffee or standing in line for pricey gourmet coffee and then waiting for it to cool down and then waiting for it kick in after it finds its way through that heavy lunch in your belly is also not acceptable. The digestive tract, so lazy so inefficient just like that United guy. There’s a better way to compliment your caffeine energy needs today, add Punch’d Energy to your gotta have it now arsenal: “pocket coffee”.

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