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Love in an Elevator

by Johnny Punchd 22 Nov 2016 0 Comments

You can’t buy love, it has to happen naturally. (all naturally)

Same with Brands.

According to Carroll and Ahuvia (2006), Brand love is an emotional and passionate relationship present between a satisfied consumer and a Brand. Brand love influences Brand loyalty.

Amazon is a Brand I love, a Brand I think about many times every day, as do 63M other Prime Members in the US. And then they added Alexa (aka Echo or Dot), and the love affair grew even stronger. Amazon continues to prove that they are in love with me too, by giving me their best day in and day out. “Alexa, play some music.” “Alexa, set the alarm.” She’s always there and I call her a “she”.

Sometimes you think you love a Brand, they make a great first impression or they make a promise or they’re all shiny and pretty but then they fail to keep their end of the deal and don’t deliver a great user experience. Or even worse, they do terrible or stupid things and that opens the door for someone else to come in and take their business. Samsung. Chipotle. Trust is hard to earn, it takes time to build but only seconds to lose.

As consumers we’re predisposed to Challenger Brands. I networked and talked with some great people at: #BISummit As consumers we’re always looking for new and different, we love the underdog, the challenger brands, because there is a constant need in today’s world for stimulation in every shape and form with new and different products and stories. Customers want to be in that story too! It’s not about the company, it’s about the customer.

Harvard conducted a study about Brand love, and the feedback from one of the focus group members summed it up perfectly: “I really think of Diet Coke as my boyfriend.”

Think about that connection. She calls it her “boyfriend”. Diet Coke is terrible for you and doesn’t even talk back like Alexa does, but she obviously formed a love affair with “him”. Love is a feeling that takes time, it can’t be forced.

Noel Albert, Wesford Business School Grenoble France, constructed an “Interpersonal Brand Love Scale”. What’s interesting is that he used Romance Novels “Love Literature” to build it: Passionate Love Scale (Hatfield and Sprecher 1986), the Triangular Theory of Love Scale (Sternberg 1997) and the Romantic Love and Liking Scales (Rubin 1970). This is all done in a French context, for the French consumer market, and probably with tongue.

Interpersonal Brand Love Scale


I experience great happiness with this brand.
I feel emotionally close to this brand.
When I am with this brand, we are almost always in the same mood.
I think that this brand and I are quite similar to each other.
There is something almost ‘magical’ about my relationship with this brand.
I feel tender toward this brand.


If I could never be with this brand, I would feel miserable.
I find myself thinking about this brand frequently during the day.
Sometimes I feel I can’t control my thoughts; they are obsessively on the brand.
If I were separated from this brand for a long time, I would feel intensely lonely.
There is nothing more important to me than my relationship with the brand.
I would feel deep despair if this brand left me.
Some powerful language up there.

Why do people love certain Brands?

What are your favorite brands? I’m a fan of Amazon, Apple, Bare, Bugatchi, Chef’s Cut Beef Jerky, CrossFit, Dole, Dodge, Diplo, Eagles, Health Warrior, Kuli Kuil, Mentos, Miansai, Paul Smith, Punch’d Energy, Timberland, To Boot and Tumi, and can cite a specific reason or reasons for each one. There’s only a couple of these Brands that I would feel miserable without.

Some helpful descriptors and research industry attributes used with Brands include: Intense, Creative, Exciting, Energizing, Friendly, One of a kind, Refreshing, Fun, Trustworthy, Authentic, Fresh, New, Premium, High Quality and there are many more that the French probably use as you can imagine.

We worked with some of these attributes to build a Punch’d list so that we could ask people what they thought of us. Our Punch’d people used their own words in most cases: Goes Anywhere, Fast Acting, All Natural, High Quality, Green Coffee Caffeine, Fruity Gummies, Fun, Really Works, Low Calorie, Low Carb, Low Sugar, Right Amount, Clean Label, Green Label, No HFCS, No Jitters, No Crashes, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Friendly, Creative and there are more. When our customers come up with their own way of describing Punch’d we absolutely love it, here’s an example from Twitter yesterday: “… a kick in the tail feathers I can keep in my pocket. What a deal.” We get all giggly when we hear stuff like that.

If you’re creating a new Brand, Can you plan for love?

Planning or hoping for love is universal. You have to know yourself, your strengths, your perceived weaknesses, know your type, know where to find your ideal match, and then know how to strut like a peacock so you can attract your love. And then you have to grow your love, keep your love, build trust with your love, feed your love (with caffeine gummies?!) or your love probably won’t be your love anymore.

The best kind of Brand love happens all naturally and organically from fans of the product or service. 3rd party, unpaid influencers, verified purchasers and unprompted social postings of a Brand show real love. Random people. People from all over the place. In their own words. Not paid for or forced. This is why it’s exciting to create new products right now, planning for love is like event planning, get some extra seats ready if you have a product that people will love.

Why should you love our Brand Punch’d Energy?

Punch’d Energy is a natural energy product for everybody! (well except little kids and pregnant women) What we mean is that you don’t have to be an extreme athlete or a supermodel to benefit from clean green lean personal energy.

We love Punch’d. But we won’t force you to love it. We will ask you if you’d like some Caffeine Gummies though, because that’s what we do, all the time, and because how else are you going to know they exist? Punch’d Gummies are the FIRST all natural personal energy product in the market. We’re still in the early stages of asking you and the marketplace to love us. You might love Punch’d for the pure caffeine and zingy fruity taste. Or maybe it’s the unique and proprietary way we went about development. More likely you’ll love Punch’d because it does something for you, it gets you in the story, with a new and different Brand you can now grab your clean green energy and go. That’s human nature, the value proposition, and Brand love is based on usage and habit even more so than love. Byron Sharp’s bestselling book “How Brands Grow” explains that very few Brands enjoy an exclusivity agreement with consumers. Availability is just one of the simple reasons for using an alternative product or service.

Thinking back to the Diet Coke example, we hope Punch’d Gummies are good enough to form a deep, dependable and committed relationship with energy gummie intimacy and companionship for the long haul. Could Punch’d Energy be looked at as a serious personal support system, your support system, your very own self sufficient way to power up that’s always there for you and even a close pal for parties, celebrations, hangovers and tough days? Could Punch’d help people with Diabetes, ADHD, Crohns or Alzheimers and be really important to some people? These are big thoughts, but thoughts that create our plans of how to get Punch’d into more people’s hands. It’s a great product and it’s up to us to share it with the World.

We have Punch’d Power Users today. We know what they love. We’re power users too, there’s a lot to love here. We’ve done a great job creating a great product, now we have to work to show it off. We haven’t done any advertising yet, nor have we done any customer programs to keep our customers happy and involved in what we’re doing. We need to be better at this if we’re going to succeed. Using the idea of Brand love is the framework for everything we do, Saatchi and Saatchi won a US$430m marketing contract based on Brand love. They simplified the love scale into SIM: Sensuality, Intimacy and Mystery. Bring out the Sexy Gummies, or alternatively our Punch’d People:)

What’s our plan to be loved? And why the elevator picture?

Why should you even care? There’s a huge shift in nutrition and dietary education in this country. People really care about their health today. Big Tobacco and Big Soda are on their way to the dumpsters, the younger generations are reading labels and understand the food industry and the associated perils with cheap fast foods. We’re not an energy drink or shot(yet), but if you popped Punch’d Gummies with a sparkling or coconut water we would be an amazing replacement for an energy drink. We’re the first all natural personal energy product in the market. That’s a big deal.

And because first impressions, like meeting someone in an elevator, are that critical moment of truth that can happen in only an instant, here’s our elevator pitch:


Caffeine Gummies?! Have you tried these yet? This is a product whose offer creates its own demand. 90% of the World caffeinates, and 99% of the World loves gummies.

The FIRST all natural and organic personal energy product in a small squishy gummie that packs a HUGE punch! (the what)

A power pack of 8 gummies has more energy than an espresso, because it’s real, pure, all natural, green coffee bean caffeine. (the how)

Because it’s unbrewed coffee bean caffeine, and you chew these little gummies on the go, they work faster and stronger than your normal cup of Joe. (the why)

Real super fruits with real clean green caffeine that goes anywhere, anytime and is even TSA approved! (the when)

And if you want more, there is more! Otherwise, let’s pop some Punch’d Gummies! Personalize Your Power, and put a bigger smile on your face.


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