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Love is Energy

❤ An Ode to Valentine's Day

If you don’t have energy, there’s no love.

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Love is both energy and emotion. All emotions are different frequencies of energy, and the energy we express is the energy we attract back into our lives.

All matter* is energy in movement. Every object is built from energy. We need energy to live. We’re surrounded by energy, and we are energy personified. Love is the highest form of energy. If you count how many times I’ve used the word energy so far, you realize that energy is the key to life. That’s why we make it @PunchdEnergy.

Love is the highest form of energy. Love is a deep understanding and comprehension of the world and it’s people without wanting to change them. Love is a neutral point because it is free from judgements, beliefs or wants. Love allows you to realize the beauty of the world we live in and appreciate it every day. Enjoying the moment. The perfect moment.

To be able to love fully you have to remove your ego, your beliefs, your preconceived notions, your judgements and your prejudices. Love is unoffendable, because he who loves understands that other people are not responsible for what he feels. Love doesn’t judge, love doesn’t criticize, love does not condem or hurt, love is not suffering, love respects everything and everyone. It is impossible to love from feelings.

Emotion is a feeling. Don’t confuse love with feelings. Feelings are hot or cold, positive or negative. Feelings come from an internal view of the world, things you’ve been taught or have experienced that have formed your mind’s idea of love. Think about how love is portrayed by Hollywood and Disney. Hormones are also involved, and when the hormones are flowing the love is really good.

Overcoming biased love and your feelings is not easy to do, but it is something we should all aspire to do better.



*In 1911, a scientist named Ernest Rutherford discovered that atoms are really made of a positively charged center called the nucleus orbited by negatively charged particles called electrons electrons. Positive energy yields positive results, get Punch’d!

Ref: Excerpts, love and learning from: https://www.quora.com/profile/Diego-Castro-38

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