EDM is disco, dance-pop, boogie, electro, italo disco, house, afro acid, rave, Detroit techno, hardstyle, dubstep, trance, electro, breakbeat hardcore, oldschool jungle, trap, chillstep, chillout, drum and bass, brostep, Jersey club and probably 47 or more other genres or names with a ton of history and lots of tradition and all kinds of up and coming new stuff too.

EDM is also not what most people think it is. Electronic Dance Music is the fastest growing music genre in the world, we’re starting to see more and more of it mixed into our lives. Social media helps fuel the fire. And Miami is like nowhere else. The combination of catchy block rocking beats, hands waving, tapping feet, swaying palm trees, beautiful blue skies, all perfect together. So many crazy talented artists singing – mixing – matching – creating – sampling – recording – entertaining – dancing and having the time of their lives in one of the greatest places in the world.

In the middle of all this, a fun panel of music industry folks hosted a Social Media & PR round table, because everyone here is also running a business. I loved every moment of it, and compiled some of the takeaways that are great for any industry today:

Brand Partnerships are key mechanisms for mutual growth
Don’t be an over hash-tagger.. stay at or below 5 trending tags
Its hard to be a narcissist, but do your best to be
Have a compelling story, but don’t force it
Be new and different
Be authentic
Eyes are better trained than ears, be visual
Change the atmosphere around you and your brand
Grow brand ambassadors slowly and carefully, Evangelists are better
Offer a clear value proposition – What’s in it for me??
Traditional PR is too costly, get creative, its always better that way
Reach out to anyone you feel will help achieve your goals, don’t be shy. Hey Jay-Z ! J-Law ! Charlize! Where are our target celebs at?
Don’t buy followers ! People see right through that sad lie.
Engagement on social media is key, Its the quality of fans that counts
Lean forward marketing with ads is important to get reactions. FB/Twit/Insta/Tumblr/Etc.
Silly and gimmicky videos and pics grab attention, but then you still have to follow that up with an offer of something good. Stupid cat vids.

We had a blast in Miami, made a ton of new friends and fans, and kept the parties and shows jumping! The smiles and energy levels were noticeably higher with Punch’d Natural Caffeine Energy Gummies.