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You knew we were the first to get it right. Now everyone else does too.

All Natural Caffeine Gummies that really work. It feels great to plant our flag in the patent office as more and more copycats start trying to do what we do. They can't.

Patent # 10,154,999 !

One more patent before us and we would have been an even number 10155000. Honored to join the more than 10 million patent holders in the US. We love innovation and we especially love new things. Punch'd Energy provides the juice to create more new things. In this case juice is actually referenced in our patent language too.

If you can't find the full text and image description on uspto.gov please let us know and we'll forward the entire document to you!

Proudly sourced, made and patented in the USA.

You have the Power! #getpunchd



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