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You are one of Four Possible Personalities

by Johnny Punchd 28 Sep 2016 0 Comments

Yo People.

We’re all different, right? Here’s a new take on that, some people are optimistic, some pessimistic. We all have our own tolerance levels of trust, and same with the level of envy for what others do or have. That’s only four categories of personalities that I think we all dip in and out of depending on the situation, and you are probably one of these more than the others. Interesting article and perspective by @ChristinaStiehlHer Article

Out of those four personalities, 90% consume caffeine in one form or another, it’s not just the pessimists. In the US, eighty percent of adults consume caffeine every day – the average adult has an intake of 200 mg per day, the amount in two 5-ounce cups of coffee, four sodas, or two and a half packs of Punch’d Energy Gummies (20 gummies per day)(Ref: FDA Stats by the Food and Drug Administration).

So most of us agree on caffeine, especially when our coffee mug is half empty. Enter the handy dandy caffeine gummie. How do you feel about real caffeine in a low sugar, low carb, natural fruit gummie? Very complimentary to your daily coffee or espresso.

There are many use cases for caffeine. At Punch’d it’s used to create more happy. The world needs more happy. To be happier in life you need more energy. To be optimistic and trusting, you need more energy. Remember your Grandma saying something like “Mamma Mia, Give me strength!”… she needed caffeine.

The fundamental lack of a personality (or personal energy) is exactly why people say things like “I don’t drink coffee to wake up. I wake up to drink the coffee.” Or “Don’t bother me until I’ve had my caffeine.” One Amazon reviewer says “GREAT TASTING! I LEAVE THEM ON MY HEADBOARD AND CHEW AS SOON AS MY ALARM GOES OFF. NO OTHER WAY TO MAKE IT TO MY COFFEE MAKER!!” Love that. We’ve covered the natural health benefits of caffeine in previous blogs, they are many.

We are giving the younger generations (USDA says HS and up) a healthier alternative to the stuff on the market they don’t care to drink. Coffee is like FaceBook to them, their moms and grandmoms drink it. And they are way smarter then we ever were when it comes to reading labels, the information is out there now, and they don’t want to drink energy drinks or sodas or ingest their junk.

Here are some of the other predominant use cases we are seeing for Punch’d Energy Gummies:

    • MOMS. Chief Health Officers of the household. Afternoon “Skinny Gummies”. Meal prepping for the week, knowing that they have these little power packs backing them up. Moms deserve the support.

    • FITNESS. Pre-Workout. Mid-Workout. Two of our larger fans, Myron & Larry use them in different ways. Myron eats a pack of Punch’d along with 1/2 Gatorade and creatine an hour before his workout and has the best workouts of his life. Larry works out twice a day, and especially likes Punch’d for his late night workouts because they don’t disrupt his sleeping patterns but give him the energy to do his second workout after a full day of work.

    • TECH/OFFICE WORK. That afternoon slog. It happens to all of us, no matter how light and nutritious lunch was, its our natural body rhythm that we’re all fighting. Punch through with natural caffeine gummies, they’ll wake you up, and quickly because you chew your energy and it dissolves in your mouth, not in your belly full of lunch.

    • SERVICE PERSONNEL. Everyone in the service and hospitality industry, servers, hosts, doctors, nurses, flight attendants, bartenders, security, firefighters, cops, sales people, military, anyone dealing with or helping out other people, you need your energy and you need it quickly on your allotted 5 minute break or even while you run around like crazy. We appreciate you and we’ve got your back with Punch’d.

    • SPARTANS. Just like in the Battle of Thermopylae, today’s modern day warriors use caffeine for an edge and an advantage. Instead of a dirty rolled up ball of coffee berries, the next best thing is a clean pouch of caffeine gummies.

We offer more product info on our website and in our energy store (check out the Green Label) and we are also shipping Punch’d Energy Gummie bundles on both in the Amazon Prime and Amazon Grocery departments. We are the natural and organic ingredient alternative to energy drinks, energy shots and sodas. Clean, green energy in a low carb, low cal, low sugar, low cost fruity gummie! Yes, you can have your energy and eat it too.

You can allow yourself to be happy, optimistic and trusting of us and our product. It really works, well. How will you use Punch’d Energy Gummies?

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