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Personalize Your Power

Personalize Your Power
This Story was written to us by the wonderful Camille, Thank you Camille!!

Oh Shit! What day is it? What am I suppose to do today? I’m so confused and still in a deep sleep. I don’t want to wake up yet.  That same dream again. The one you never want to end. I think my alarm went off but it must have slowly caressed me back in to those deeper images because I don’t remember hearing it. Reality finally sets in and I get out of bed. Today was not a good day to wake up late. Thankfully I went to bed early and actually had 7 uninterrupted hours of sleep so I shouldn’t complain.
Walking into the kitchen and noticed that nobody is up. Does anyone set their alarms in this house? How are the kids ever going to live without me? But lets blame the phone instead. That is one thing Apple needs to work on. If they’re so brilliant, why cant their phones wake up a teenager? I shake all 3 of my kids and tell them to “Get up!”

Substituting for 7th grade today. Fortunately the school called me last night so I was able to plan by showering and making lunches the night before. I am pretty proud of myself because I only have 40 minutes to get ready but its manageable. If you think its tough as a student in middle school, try being a substitute. One little slip up, outfit malfunction, or food particle in my teeth and I will acquire a nickname that I will never be able to shake. Obviously middle school hasn’t changed since I was there many years ago. I go to the freezer to pull out one of my prepared smoothie bags. I food prep every Sunday so on days like today I can just whip up a protein shake in a second. I make one for the kids to share with a side of bagels.

I’m the first one to leave so I remind them to lock up and let the dog out to pee one more time. Five minutes late but I am finally in the car with my hair curled, a protein smoothie in my cup holder, my badge and my “don’t ever leave home without them” bags of gummies. I pop some gummies and start my commute. My commute is effortless and ten minutes later, I am at the school. I say hi to my new friends in the office. The secretary gives me the key and I head to my room. They say first impressions last forever. When I walk into a classroom, I can instantly tell what kind of teacher I am replacing. There are teachers who actually have organized, pleasant smelling rooms and I honestly believe that students learn and behave better in these classrooms. That is why I cringed as I walked into today’s room. My nose picked up an odor like an old locker room with the desks lined up sporadically, and out of control. I knew that today’s class was going to be a challenge. I reached into my bag of tricks and pulled out my favorite scent of Glade with Gain scent and straighten the desks.  Today’s syllabus is an easy one. I have 2nd period planning, third lunch and all periods are watching a movie.

The day has been slow and uneventful. My theory of a clean scent as you enter the room and desks in a row are proving me right once again.  The students have been very well behaved, even though they hate the movie. When this day is over, I will have watched the same 50 minutes of this movie six times!

Fifth period is just starting and my healthy lunch was delicious. Eighty percent of the day is over but the agony of having to watch that movie again lingers over me like a black cloud full of hail! I have taken attendance and only butchered one name. Now its twenty minutes into the movie and I start to do the head bob. I instantly grab for my pack of gummies. These have become my saving grace, my jack of all trades and my knight in shining armor. I have overheard the rumors of the new young sub who sleeps in every period but when he is awake, he has won the students over with unlimited bathroom passes. Part of me wants to help him out by giving him my secret weapon of gummies. The other part of me is like thinking how stupid that would be. We are competing for the same jobs so nope, they are all mine.

The school day has ended and I am on my way home. I mentally list what I need to do for the next half of my day. As I change into my gym clothes, I remember to grab the gummie shipments that need to be shipped today. I grab two of the 4 packs and three of the 12 packs, a bottle of water and my gym bag. I get to the post office and I am so grateful there is only one person in front of me. Joe sees me and inconspicuously while hastily sends his customer away so that he can help me. See, Joe knows that I’m the Punched Gummie girl and that I will give him some gummie bags today. We quickly engage in easy conversation, I hand him his bags of gummies and tell him I will be back soon. By now its four in the afternoon. I know my kids are just getting home and will start their homework while preparing a healthy snack. And how do I know it will be healthy? Remember, I prepped meals at the beginning of this week and so they have taco bowls, kung pao chicken meatballs or tuna pasta to choose from. Foods that they picked out and love.

At the gym and this beautiful day couldn’t get any better I think as I pull into the front parking space. I show my card to the front desk as I hand Cheryl her usual gummie bag. I start with cardio then weights. My routine is simple but effective. When you’re a working mother, you have to utilize your time wisely. I excitedly open my bag of gummies for the gym where this time I eat the whole bag. The power is incredible and nonchalant since there are no jitters associated with this boost. I realize that I have been doing my HIIT training on the treadmill with high and low intensity without wanting to quit and I was almost done!!

With my workout finished, it was time to go home to cook dinner. I had cooked extra chicken last night so that tonight we could use the remaining chicken with a side salad. With dinner done, the kitchen clean, it was time for me to end my day with a good book and time alone with my husband. Like I always tell my kids, Bed Time is the Best Time!

What’s your day look like ?

Camille’s Gummy Summary: Wake up pop 4 THEN brush teeth; Pop 4 more in the car; Pop 4 after lunch; Optional: Pop 4 while running errands; Pop 8 before working out. (2-3 packs/perfect day)
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