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Punch'd! at the Disco

Punch'd! at the Disco

Or “Taste the Disco!” which is my daughter’s tag line for Punch’d..

Punch’d Energy is a young company. Millennials and Gen Z’ers love the product. Punch’d Energy is the iGeneration’s new and different personal energy product and that’s why we are poised to be the next big thing in this space.

Coffee is “the Facebook” of caffeine, meaning that’s what Mom and Grandmom drink. Energy Drinks are out because these kids are way better at reading an ingredient label than we ever were. Clean, Natural Caffeine Gummies are up.

I’m the old man of the group, but I still got to hang out with Panic! at the Disco. Punch’d is always “Ready to Go” and provides a “New Perspective” so don’t be afraid to “Shake it up”. Let’s Go, “Time to Dance”(again).

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