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Did you know?

The New Food Pyramid is not represented as a hierarchy anymore. If you remember the old food pyramid, it was laid out as portion sizes. Larger portions of cereals and breads on the bottom and a small amount of fats, oils and sweets at the top. This new view is called a spectrum, to emphasize variety, and is also shown as a plate in some other diagrams.

We're all getting smarter at what we put into our bodies, how we eat, how we read labels, how certain foods affect us, how to live clean and how to look and feel our best. The new food pyramid also shows an exercise component now, which really is key in all of this. 

Keep your dietary guidelines in check while powering up your exercise routine with Punch'd Energy. The pinnacle of clean energy for your body and a great alternative to energy drinks, energy shots, sodas and over-sugarfied lattes. All natural, raw power with green coffee beans and fruit.

When you're powering up with Punch'd, you're also entering the realm of negative calories. This means if you're exerting energy, you're burning calories, and if you've ever used a calorie-counter app you know that means you get some bonus calories in your day!

Give Punch'd a try this week, you'll be glad you did. We're Amazon's choice so you can buy with Prime or you can purchase in bundles here on the site. Ask Alexa to play "I'm Bad" by LL Cool J while you order.

Punch'd crushes all other personal energy, pound for pound, round for round. #getpunchd #keeppunching






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