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What's a PieShell?

<h2><span class="light-font">What's a</span> <strong>PieShell?</strong></h2>

PieShell is Crowdfunding for Food + Beverage Entrepreneurs. It’s also something that holds fruit and can be baked to deliciousness.

That’s where the Founder and CEO Cheryl Clements got the naming inspiration for her Company. Cheryl spent summers helping her mother run a pie-making business, and it was from her Mom that she learned what it takes to be a successful food-preneur. Cheryl is bringing people and communities together around great food and great new food recipes, much like Mom or Grandma did the old fashioned way.

For Punch’d, it’s been a great experience networking with Cheryl and the other PieShellers so far. The food industry needed something like this, and the community around PieShell is growing fast. We’re excited to see how our campaign does, and hope it helps propel us to the next level. So many great new natural food companies up and coming, we’re doing everything we can to find new and fun ways to reach more people and get 5-6 seconds of their time to explain our product.

PieShell is different from Indiegogo and Kickstarter, its food and beverage only. Punch’d is an all natural caffeine gummie, a squishy little functional energy food, which is different from the typical technology gadget presented on the other two sites. Being on PieShell allows us to be seen in the correct context, within the industry, and by people looking for innovation and excitement in foods. PieShell is also very different in their hands on approach. There's actual people to work with, who have big hearts and truly want success for all involved.

Our campaign goal is to raise money to produce our next batch of Punch’d Gummies at our co-packer. In addition, we are working to create a buzz so we can bring our new and improved v2.0 Punch’d Gummies to market in a big way. This product is so good that we’re positive you’ll want to help us succeed in the marketplace. We need your help to tell 2 friends, so they can tell 2 friends, and so on, and so on. Remember that commercial?

It's not all about the money though, we really appreciate the networking and connections we are making thanks to PieShell. Punch'd has always been about great people and a healthy, happy lifestyle. This is why our two companies work so well together.

We need your help to support our PieShell campaign. It will be up the week of June 12th, don’t worry we’ll remind you, but would love for you to put it in your phones right now. We would love some reposts, likes, retweets, and anything you could do to help spread the word loudly about Punch’d Natural Energy Caffeine Gummies! These are the best tasting, most fun, personal natural energy gummies on the planet! You're family and friends will be happy you told them about Punch'd.

It's the simple things that make you smile. Caffeine Gummies:)

Thank-you! Johnny Punch’d

#peoplewall #@punchdenergy

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