Coffee’s heritage goes back centuries to the ancient forests of Ethiopia. The health benefits of coffee have been studied in great length and detail. The benefits are so great, we think it’s one of the healthiest things on the planet. Coffee Beans have changed America in the last two generations. Punch’d Energy is changing how you think about caffeine for the future.

Increase Your Energy

Punch’d Caffeine Gummies provide energy on-the-go in a portable and TSA Travel approved pack. Green coffee bean caffeine helps convince you that you’re not tired or run down. Think of Punch’d Energy as a mini-Coach encouraging you to go the extra mile, to be your best possible self, every day. ‘Personalize Your Power’ depending on your body type, the activity, time of day and duration of those events.

Faster Than Coffee

Drinking a cup of coffee, or any energy drink sends the warm liquid down through your digestive system. That takes time to process, especially if you just ate a big breakfast or had a giant hoagie at lunch. Typical time for coffee to take effect: 45 minutes. Punch’d Energy is 10X Faster. In fact, Punch’d will work much faster than 4 minutes, because you chew your energy and it dissolves quickly into your mouth.

Control Blood Sugar

Punch’d Energy is very low glycemic. All natural, low calorie, low carbohydrate, small real fruit gummies won’t raise your blood glucose levels. We have reviews from diabetics on our site thanking us for providing them an energy product they can use. What it means for you is that Punch’d controls blood-sugar levels and doesn’t cause spikes or the subsequent painful crashes in energy.

Helps Burn Fat

Green Coffee Bean Caffeine is a natural fat burner. Punch’d Energy helps boost your metabolic rate during activity to increase fat burning. In gummie form, green coffee also works as an energy snack that could help you eat less throughout your day. As a low calorie dietary supplement, Punch’d Gummies could also help you create a negative calorie effect.

Makes a Happier You

It takes energy to smile. These are Happy Gummies. You want the peace of mind that you are eating a high quality functional food. Your body will know right away, from the first time you open a pack and smell the real fruit, and then taste the delicious gummy. Your smile will be bigger and brighter, because there won’t be as many coffee stains. Your skin and hair will look healthier too, with increased blood flow.

Promotes Health & Fights Disease

Green Coffee Bean Caffeine is a natural disease fighter. Break out the boxing gloves with Punch’d Energy. Thousands of studies show how it combats cancers and heart disease. Caffeine can reduce the risk of cancer up to 20%; Reduce your risk of Parkinson’s by 30%; Alzheimer’s by 50%. Also reduces your risk for Type 2 Diabetes by 30%.

Anti-Ageing, Gracefully

Improve your immune system, increase and enhance your physical and mental performance in every day life. Green Coffee Bean Caffeine truly is a superfood, and that’s why we chose it for Punch’d Energy. We also have healthy dose of Vitamin C in there. When you feel better, you’ll live better, and adding Punch’d Energy to your daily routine may just be the difference maker you’ve been looking for.