Punch'd Energy


Punch’d Energy has launched a new, patented, powerful, and personal energy product.

‘Personalize Your Power’ and extend your days (and nights!) with Punch’d Energy’s all natural and organic energy
source - power’d by powerful green coffee beans. This is the ultimate natural energy source you’ve been looking for to
do all the things we need to do and want to do better every day.

Punch’d Energy is the first, original and patented, all-natural green coffee energy gummie on the market. Tasty real
super fruits and Vitamin C infused with strong premium Arabica green coffee bean caffeine and its amazing natural
health properties. These are two (2) of our favorite things: Caffeine & Gummies.

Punch’d was created for those of us that have the focus and drive to be ‘punching in’ day and night. We’re used to
powering up with death-in-a-can energy drinks, over-sugared and high sodium sodas, or those huge and expensive
syrupy lattes loved by unicorns worldwide. Punch’d is the first viable alternative that not only gives you a customized
“Personalize Your Power” boost, but also doubles as a sneaky tasty treat. At just 5g of organic cane sugar and 35
calories, Punch’d super-fruity gummies also satisfies the ‘clean label’ requirement we all expect.

Big news and milestones from Punch'd:

1. 2019 - Launched the latest, 3rd Gen product!

2. New Superfruits: Apple, Grape, Lime, Orange, Fruit Punchd, Peach

3. Patent #10,154,999

4. Amazon loves Punch’d Energy. Prime Fun!

5. Reached 5000th customer, shipped to every US State

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Punch’d Energy’s overarching goal is to clean up people’s caffeine routines. We know people want the energy; whatthey don’t want is sick feelings, shakes, jitters, crashes, tummy aches or the weight gains.

We each have different energy requirements, caffeine tolerances, schedules and activities that we need to dominate.  Punch’d adapts to YOU: pop 2-3 gummies every hour or slam back the whole pack all at once and rocket to yourdestination. You have the power! Go You.

Johnny Punchd Signature

Johnny Punch’d aka John Pinelli is the Chief Energy Officer of Punch’d Energy
Dreaming of changing caffeine routines for the betterment of humankind
Punch’d Fan for more than 3 years … and can’t live without them.

If you have any comments or questions, please get in touch info@punchdenergy and PunchdEnergy.com

Life’s Hard.                KeepPunching!                   No Artificial Anything!             Made in the USA