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Punch'd Energy Green Coffee Bean Caffeine

Let's get real for a minute.

Not many companies are real anymore, neither product nor marketing. You are not going to become an Olympian by drinking brown sugar water. There’s more than five hours in a day. You can’t actually grow wings. Unicorns don’t belong in your coffee.

Real ingredients, Real people doing real people things. You don’t have to be a supermodel or an extreme athlete to maximize the benefits of Punch’d Energy, but if you are – Hello! 

You have the power now. It’s in every box we ship and it perfectly describes the opportunity we all have every day. Who doesn’t want to always be at their best? It takes energy to be your best self. It takes energy to smile. Maximum effort in everything you do. 

Punch’d Energy is the first truly viable alternative to death in a can, artificial energy drinks, watered down energy shots, ridiculously sugary sodas and over-syrup’d giant expensive lattes. Grab a water, or bubble it up with a sparkling water and a pack or two of Punch’d. See how productive you are that day, how you feel, and what the scale says the next day. Change your caffeine routine, naturally.

Take a closer look at what’s inside Punch’d Energy:

All natural & organic ingredients: Real Natural Fruit Juice From Concentrate: Apple, Grape, Lime, Orange, Fruit Punch'd, Peach. Organic Brown Rice Syrup, Organic Cane Sugar, Purified Water, Gelatin, Natural Caffeine from premium, strong Arabica Green Coffee Beans, Real Fruit Pectin Derived From Natural Fruit, Citric Acid. That’s it. You can read every ingredient and you know what it is. That’s different right?

Punch'd Energy Natural Fruit

You know how to read a label now, we’ve all become smarter in that department. It’s because we know food companies are lying to us and that’s not nice. You’re looking for ingredients you can pronounce. No weird stuff, No chemicals, No artificial anything. Hate those poopie sugar alcohols, no -tols. No saccharin or aspartame. No high fructose corn syrup. No partially hydrogenated oils. Gluten free. Cruelty free. Free from irradiation. Fat free. Dairy free. Soy free. Nut free. Allergen free. Worry free.

Food with a purpose! Punch’d Energy is a functional, purposeful product. The perfect combination of green coffee caffeine and real fruit. Punch’d is a low cal, low carb, low glycemic real fruit snack that works really well. It also works really fast because you chew your energy and the gummies dissolve in your mouth. No waiting for digestion to happen, especially after a big meal. 

Bonus: Good source of Vitamin C! One pack of Punch’d Energy has as much Vitamin C as a whole Orange. That’s good news for your hair, skin and your immune system.

Did you know? You can activate Punch’d by moving around. Desk work with Punch’d provides a mental boost when seated, but switch into active mode and you’ll notice improved physical enhancements too. If you’re getting active with Punch’d, this quickly becomes a negative-calorie fat burning treat. And there are a ton of other benefits with green coffee, so many great studies available on the net.

We've come a long way Baby!


Punchd Pack v1.0 to v2.0 to Gen 3


Gen 3: The Pinnacle of Caffeine Gummie Technology.

What’s new? Everything.

Pinnacle means we reign supreme, we’re notorious, we’ll crush you like a jelly bean. Punch’d Loves Cool J and people love Punch’d.

Our look and logo are new, our taste is tastier, there’s more power per pack, cool new “Bolt Tab" gummie shape, a new fruit punch'd gummie, lower cost bundles and more. Repeat customers are almost 100%, this is a product we all need in our lives we just didn’t have it before. Perspectives change, smiles become commonplace, all because we have the energy to do more. It’s a beautiful thing.

Working on our product formulations, we learned that the food industry and specifically big sugar and big soda are killing us slowly. We watched the movie "Fed Up”. That movie is a real eye opener. It’s one of those things that sticks with you permanently and it really helps drive us to help people change their caffeine routines. Cutting back sugar, eliminating sodas from our diet is a great step for our health and longevity. Drinking a cola will not make us better people, no matter how many lifestyle commercials they throw at us.

Did you know that the Cola companies actually started out with good intentions? Aiding digestion as one example, but all the original natural ingredients got tossed out long ago. It’s all for a buck now.

Artificial ingredients, chemicals, genetically modified food aka frankenfoods are killing us. Frankenfoods are defined as: A cornucopia of pesticide-laden mono crops and lab-engineered Frankenfoods. Yumm. Our families are all effected, dairy, wheat, corn, artificial sweeteners, so many so called food products that are blatantly terrible, cutting corners to save a few pennies or dialing up the gmo’s to increase supply. That’s not us, we don’t want that stuff in our bodies or our lives, or our children’s lives and we can all do better.

There aren’t many so called “better-for-you” products on the market today, but more and more are coming as we all open our eyes. We patented our Punch’d Energy formula, we’re the first to use green coffee bean caffeine like this, the first Caffeine Gummie. Seems hard to believe, it feels like there are a million products like ours out there already, but there’s really only one other one. Coffee.

Coffee is an interesting study. It’s been around forever, but only “recently” introduced to America. We’re onto the 4th phase of coffee in the US, boutique and blended brews. Starbucks is so yesterday, and coffee in general is viewed almost like Facebook is to the the younger generations. “Oh, that’s what my grandma drinks….” Here comes Punch’d Energy. The new way to caffeinate for generations that grew up on gummie vitamins. Gummies are the ultimate vehicle for an energy product, so convenient, so easy to chew, so fast to get the good stuff into your system and get you going.

One more story for you while you’re here… We learned that we couldn’t make these taste exactly like candy or we would eat too many of them. This was an important lesson that the US Army helped teach us. They were making caffeinated beef jerky that tasted exactly like regular beef jerky and the soldiers would eat too much. They were literally shaking in their boots! They couldn’t shoot straight, productivity actually declined, so they had to fix it. They had to dial ~10-15% of the caffeine bitterness back into the beef jerky, so that the soldiers would know this was no regular beef jerky, it had a “power” to it. This is why we say “Taste the Power” because you can taste a little of the caffeine zing in Punch’d Energy, they’re not too sweet.

Punch’d is not a candy. This is an important point and it's to remind you that you shouldn’t eat too many all at once. Per the Mayo Clinic it’s safe to eat up to 4 packs of Punch’d daily, just not in one sitting all at once. It’s also a great safety mechanism to make sure that kids and dogs don’t get a hold of these, they’re not sweet, they are for adults and they are a functional and purposeful energy product.

So Why Get Punch’d? Here’s a little more of our story … We use it everyday. We can guarantee the product is everything we say it is, and more. If you’re not satisfied we will personally make sure we make you happy. There are a ton of ways you can reach out to us to talk about anything. This started out as a product for ourselves, our families, our friends, and the whole town of Livermore, California. It has turned into a real product. We can’t live without it. We’re Dads, Moms, Sons, Daughters, Cousins, Uncles, Aunts, Only Children, Single Parents, Women, Men, Every Color, Every Race, Every Gender, We’re Everyday People. The advantage we have is that we know how to caffeinate with the very best product at the optimal times each day and we know how to do it naturally. Caffeine is one of nature’s greatest gifts to us, and we think it’s one of the best things on this beautiful planet.

Talk to us! We would love to hear your feedback, how you use Punch’d in your life. Please let us know how you #getpunchd ! Amazon product reviews would be very welcome too, it helps us rank up in the store and show up in search more often over much bigger companies.

Here’s one more thing - Try the Punch’d Challenge! Replace your energy drinks, sodas or lattes with Punch’d Energy for a week. How do you look? How do you feel? Show us some before and after pics, or just the after ones - #peoplewall Best pics (or craziest pics) get Punch’d Gear every week. Keep Punching!

We love you guys!

Johnny Punch’d