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Common Questions

Yes. We’ve infused real fruit gummies with pure premium, strong Arabica Green Coffee Bean Caffeine. It doensn't get any better than this.

Each pack is equal to a cup of coffee. You could try half a pack at first, see how you feel, and then finish off the pack if you want some more energy. Punch’d packs are resealable.

The Mayo Clinic suggests that 400mg is a safe daily level. That is the equivalent of 4 packs of Punch’d Energy.

Yes, we still love our coffee too. Punch’d can be used as a compliment to your daily coffee. Try 2 cups of coffee and 2 packs of Punch’d Energy as a good daily combination.

Yes, but you will not be able to eat enough Caffeine Gummies to die. Pure caffeine in powder or liquid form can be deadly if >5g is consumed. Caffeine is serious stuff please use responsibly.

10mg, which allows you to Personalize Your Power a few gummies at a time. Try jump starting your day with 4-5 gummies to get into your "optimal energy zone" and then 2-3 more per hour or so to see how your productivity rises. You have the Power!

Depends on the size coffee we’re talking about, but generally speaking 1 mug of Joe = 1 pack of Punch’d. We put a nifty graphic on the pack to show that.

Again depends on the size, but generally speaking 1 pack of Punch’d has more caffeine than a skinny can, and 2 packs of Punch’d has more caffeine than a bigger can.

Yes. Punch’d is made with all natural and organic ingredients. It is low cal, low carb and low glycemic. Energy drinks are made with artificial, synthetic and junky ingredients that cause jitters, bounces, crashes and weight gain.

They work faster than drinks because you chew your energy and they dissolve into the linings of your cheeks. This is the fastest and most optimal way to get caffeine into your system. Drinks have to find their way through your digestive tract and if you had a big breakfast they will take even longer to work.

The mouth and cheek linings are called the Buccal Mucosa. The human body is an amazing machine. This is the fastest way to get caffeine into your system because it doesn’t have to go all the way down into your stomach and wait for digestion to happen.

Working within your body’s Circadian Rhythm (Body Clock) works best with Punch’d Energy. If you sleep normal hours and wake around 7am, try popping Punch’d mid morning and then again mid-afternoon. 10am – Noon; 2pm -5pm work best.

If you are worried about losing sleep because you are over-caffeinated, stop use before 7pm and you’ll be ready for bed at 10 or 11pm. If you’re staying up all night, go crazy and eat another pack after dinner. We call them dancing gummies for this use case.

Sing it … Apple, Grape, Lime, Orange, Fruit Punch and Peach!

They taste like real fruit, because they are real fruit. They do not taste like candy, are adult gummies with power. Taste the Power! They are low in sugar, they have a caffeine zing, and you should expect a little bit of bitterness from the caffeine.

They can be, so monitor your usage. Just like any caffeine product, use your best judgment and learn how your body reacts to Punch’d. The Mayo Clinic says up to 400mg/day is safe for healthy adults. That’s 4 packs of Punch’d per day!

No. Punch’d Gummies are much different than a brown liquid coffee experience. If you chew them completely, they will never get to your stomach they will dissolve in your mouth. This prevents stomach aches, cramps and acidic imbalances.

No. Punch’d Gummies are made with the highest quality all natural and organic ingredients. They represent a big upgrade in comparison to most other caffeinated energy products on the market.

No. The amount of caffeine in each gummie and the careful selection of quality natural and organic ingredients is a good option for a personal energy treat. 33% Vitamin C per serving is a good bonus for hair, skin and immune system health.

When you want just the caffeine, Punch’d Energy is your option. You will not feel a sugar rush (from high sugar amounts) or a face flush (from high amounts of B Vitamins). We’ve found that when you are moving around you can feel the smooth steady energy. If you’re just laying on the couch or sitting in a chair the energy just works without a lot of fanfare.

Clean caffeine means that its not coated in gobs of sugar, or hidden in piles of sodium. It also means that it’s not synthetic or made in a lab in China. Clean caffeine is from a plant source, made by nature. Clean caffeine is one of the healthiest things on the planet for us in its raw state.

You will not feel a sugar rush like most other products will give you, just the pure energy that you’re getting. That’s a different feeling than you might be used to from energy drinks or shots. Your head will not feel like its going to explode, your face will not get red and flushed, and you will not crash later. Even if you think they’re not working, they are.

Yes. Caffeine has been proven to help you swim way faster in icy cold shark infested waters, as well as other sports and performance-based activities.

Anywhere you want. That’s the convenient thing about Punch’d. We’re even TSA approved, so go ahead and take as many packs as you want to take on the plane. Can’t do that with almost anything else. Offer a few packs to the people at the airport too and they might upgrade you.

Yes Elon, they are space ready.

We originally made these for our family and friends. A Dad who is into Keto; A Mom who was stomach acidity issues with coffee; A Son who drank too many energy drinks and got acne; Daughters who sent too much money on Starbucks; All their young friends who hate the taste of coffee; Dad’s pals who need a convenient boost while hanging out at Casa Orozco.

Green coffee beans were our inspiration. We think they may be the healthiest thing on the planet for us. We wanted to harness that power and make it easy to access for every one. That's the big idea behind Punch'd.

Yes. Each pack has 10 gummies. That’s a 10x10 situation. 100! 10X Better.

10 gummies per pack.

200 gummies per jar.

Yes. Micronized kosher beef gelatin, not the typical gross garbage gelatin found in other products.

4g organic cane sugar per serving, two servings per pack = 8g per pack.

We wanted to make your purchasing experience as easy as possible, so you could buy here on our site, or we're Amazon's Choice and we're rolling out into a convenience store near you this week. Check our Retail Locations page often! Available @ Sheetz, Mapco, Pilot, Flying J, getGo, One 9, Casey's, 7-11

Yes. Gummies melt. Ours melt >95F which means they will start melting in hot mailboxes, hot cars and even hot golf bags left in the sun. Warm gummies don't taste very good either, keep 'em cool, chill em, freeze em, put them in your ice water, they are much tastier that way!

Yes! We’re Amazon’s Choice, get over there and give us a 5 star review so we stay this way. Free 1-Day Priority Shipping for Prime Members, Corporate discounts, bundles of savings and monthly subscriptions available too. You can also buy with prime on our site.

It’s the first all natural and organic personal energy gummie on the market. It’s the first viable alternative to all those other artificial and junky energy products. Punch’d Energy is faster than coffee, stronger than soda, sportier than sports drinks and healthier than energy drinks.

Yes, natural caffeine helps manage enlarged blood vessels during a headache or hangover condition. We have a full study and blog posted on our website for more information.

Grab a pack of Punch’d Energy right off your nightstand and Go! Punch’d is very convenient and provides instant power for your morning commute or your morning workout.

It only takes 3-4 Punch’d Gummies to equal the amount of caffeine in a can of soda. ~35mgs. Try drinking water and popping 3-4 gummies and see how your mood and overall performance improves over time.