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What our amazing customers are saying

Reduce Coffee Dependance
Punch'd Energy is a Great Alternative to Coffee
Replacing Coffee, No Coffee Breath, No Stained Teeth, Too Much Coffee, Can’t Get To Coffee, Stomach Problems With Coffee, Too Much Sugar/Cream in Coffee, Not a Black Coffee Drinker
Tastes Great
Punch'd Energy is Made With Real Fruit
Surprised How Tasty They Are, Fruity, No Aftertaste, Other Supplements Flavors Don't Match the Taste. Great Variety of Flavors
Energy With No Spikes, No Crash
Caffeine is the Energy of Punch'd Gummies
No Letdown, No Comedown, No Spikes,No Jolt, No Jitters, No Crash, Long Lasting, Subtle Caffeine Hit
TSA Approved, Take Punch'd Anywhere You Go
On-The-Go Energy, For Drivers, Truckers 10-12 Hour Shifts, Road Trips, Less Bathroom Trips, Won’t Stick to Your Teeth, Replaces Energy Drinks, No Spills, Replaces Slow Acting Pills, In the Stay Awake Kit
Right amount of caffeine
Each Punch'd Gummie Has 10mg of Natural Caffeine
Precise Amount, Steady State Caffeine, Microdosing, Smooth Energy and Clarity, Consistent Energy, Not Too Much, Personalized
They Really Work
Punch'd Energy Contains Natural Green Coffee Bean Caffeine
Surprise, Skeptical at First, Favorite Caffeine, Amazing, Lifesaving, Can Find My Happy Energy Zone, Eliminates Yawning, Afternoon Blues Cure
All Natural Ingredients
Punch'd Energy Only Uses the Highest Quality Ingredients
Clean Label, No Artificial Ingredients, Thoughtful Product, Peace of Mind, Healthier Than the Other Stuff, No Junk
Great for Sports
Punch'd Energy Fuels Any Activity You Do
Lot of Athlete Reviews, Workout Partners, Handy, Grab and Go, Bike Further, Great on Hikes, Cuts Running Times, Quick When Needed to Push Further, Pre-Workout
Appetite Suppressant
Punch'd Energy is a Bonus Sweet Tasty Treat
No guilt, Low Sugar, Low Carb, Low Glycemic, Calms Sweets Cravings, Enjoyable Calorie Burner, Secret Treat
Recovery Aid
Punch'd Gummies Are Ready When You Are
Headaches, Workouts, Hangovers, Jetlag, Lack of Sleep, Vitamin C
What is Punch'd Energy?

Natural Caffeine Gummies! A whole new way to power up. A new category of energy products that doesn't fit the current system of artificially sweetened, giant over-sugared drinks and shots. Clean Caffeine at its finest, infused into real fruit and shrunk down into a pocket-sized traveler pack.

Why Punch'd Energy?

If you're looking to shave off calories from your day, or just looking to eat healthier, Punch'd is a perfect alternative to some of the other things you may be consuming. Punch'd is not only a sweet caffeine treat, it's also a natural fat burner with health benefits.

Who can benefit?

Everyone*. You don't have to be a supermodel or an extreme athlete to reap the benefits of Punch'd, but if you are, Hello! *Caffeine is generally not recommended for children, pregnant women or people overly sensitive to caffeine.

'Just the Caffeine' Avoid the "Sugar Rush"

Punch'd Energy is the most effective way to caffeinate. It's important to clarify the difference between a "caffeine rush" and a "sugar rush". Most people feel a sugar rush much more than a caffeine rush. Caffeine is a much subtler feeling, it's like a smooth energy flow, no spikes, no insulin surges, it's a whole different ball game, and it's a great feeling. We have a couple of reviews in which people say they don't think Punch'd Energy is working ... they're looking for the sugar rush and the subsequent crash, they're used to that! That's not the energy you want. Artificially laced synthetic caffeine drinks like sodas, energy drinks, sports drinks with "caffeine" are all about the sugar rush. These manufacturers keep adding more and more sugar year after year. That jittery feeling you remember when you were a kid on Halloween, that's what some expect on a daily basis and that confuses a lot of people. Black coffee, Caffeine pills, Caffeine Gummies - that's what you want if caffeine is your prime objective. Cut out all the other stuff, the sugars, the creamers and milk, the whipped cream from Starbucks, pumpkin spice, etc etc. It's all junk that ruins one of nature's greatest gifts to us: Natural Caffeine and all its health properties, mental and physical performance increases and focused stamina benefits. Want to try something new and feel the real power of pure, un-brewed, raw Arabica green coffee bean caffeine? Punch'd Energy. Amazon's Choice. Clean Caffeine @10mg per gummie or a mug o' joe in a pack. Caffeine Gummies are what you're looking for and the way to go for a "caffeine rush" naturally.

What are negative calories?

Negative calories are a thought process in where the foods you consume actually take more calories to eat than the food itself. In this case with Punch'd Gummies, each serving is only 33 calories and green coffee is a natural fat burner. Add a little movement on your part and Punch'd becomes negative calories you can apply to your day.

Is caffeine safe?

YES. A resounding yes. If it's natural. We use premium, Arabica green coffee beans in Punch'd Energy. Caffeine may be one of the best things on the planet for us! Study after study, all available on the web, show that natural caffeine is instrumental in fighting diseases like diabetes, cancers, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, liver disease, heart disease and more. In addition, natural caffeine improves physical and mental performance, cognitive function, increases stamina and focus, burns fat and aids recovery after strenuous workouts or long nights out.

How can you tell if caffeine in a product is natural?

If the label reads "caffeine ... from a plant source" then its natural. Ours reads "Caffeine from Green Coffee Beans". If the label just states "caffeine", then its probably synthetic or made in a lab. No idea which lab or from which country or if that ingredient can be trusted to do the same things as natural caffeine from nature.

Get Your Edge! Get Punch'd

Punch'd Energy's Caffeine Gummies are a serious, patented energy product. Real Fruit Gummier infused with premium pure Arabi. Green Coffee Bean Caffeine. The Best Choice for consumers looking to aiffeinate naturally. Low Cal, Low Garb, Low Glycemic On-the-Go Personal Energy that adapts to you whenever, wherever you are for any task or activity.

Natural Caffeine is one of nature's greatest gifts to us. Make sure your caffeine comes from a plant source - like ours!

Our Caffeine Gummier were created for those of us striving to be their best every day. Punch'd is a clean label and healthier alternative to artificial energy drinks, high sugar sports drinks, gels, whipped cream unicorn lattes and death-in-a-can sodas.

Developed with the help of Stanford Food Scientists, the US Army, The National Food Laboratories and LSU, our patented green coffee energy formula is leading edge caffeine gummie technology delivering on both taste and functional energy.

Energize and power up with premium pure Arabica green coffee bean caffeine infused real fruit gummies. Assorted super fruits Apple, Grape, Lime, Orange, Fruit Punchd & Peach. 33% DV Vitamin C.

All Natural & Organic Ingredients. Allergen Free, Gluten Free, No Artificial Anything. It was very important for us to bring you an ingredient label we can all read and understand.

Punch'd Energy is the first, original and patented, all-natural green coffee energy gummie on the market. Tasty real super fruits and Vitamin C infused with strong premium Arabica green coffee bean caffeine and its amazing natural health properties. 2 of our favorite things: Caffeine & Gummier. Punch'd was created for those of us that have the focus and drive to be 'punching in' day and night We're used to powering up with death-in-a-can energy drinks, over-sugared and high sodium sodas, or those huge and expensive syrupy lattes loved by unicorns worldwide. Punch'd is the first viable alternative that not only gives you a customized 'Personalize Your Power" boost, but also doubles as a sneaky tasty treat. At just 5g of organic cane sugar and 35 calories per serving, Punch'd super-fruity gummies also satisfies the 'clean label' requirement we all expect.

Caffeine Gummies

INGREDIENTS: Natural Fruit Juice from Concentrate, Apple, Grape, Lime, Orange, Fruit Punch'd, Peach, Organic Brown Rice Syrup, Organic Cane Sugar, Purified Water, Gelatin, Natural Caffeine from Green Coffee Beans, Pectin Derived from Natural Fruit, Citric Acid.

Made in the USA: US Patent Protected 10,154,999. Distributed by Punch'd Energy, Inc. Viera, FL 32940

Quality you can trust. Sourced & Made in the USA, Punch'd Energy is the first all natural and organic real fruit gummie infused with strong premium Arabica green coffee bean caffeine. Faster than coffee, better for you and healthier than an energy drink, more powerful than a soda. Punch'd Energy checks all the boxes when it comes to a clean label and real ingredients. Punch'd Energy's Clean Caffeine Initiative is clear with just one taste and follows through with an FDA Certified cGMP Facility.
Punch'd Energy is a serious Personal Energy Product There's nothing else that delivers the one-two punch of delicious real fruit gummies + pure green coffee caffeine.

We know caffeine. Your health and well-being are important to us. We created Punch'd Energy for family & friends and will never ship poor quality product Punch'd is sourced and made with pride in the USA in an FDA certified cGMP facility with all natural & organic GRAS ingredients. We eat them every day.

Punch'd Energy looks great, smells incredible and tastes delicious. Using nature as our guide we start with pure, premium strong Arabica green coffee bean caffeine, which means these really work. Delicious real fruit gummies help bring the power to you in a convenient, recognizable and ready-to-go form factor.

We would love to hear how you get Punch'd. Thank you for choosing us!

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Punch'd Energy Power Ups!



Artificial Energy Drinks,

High Sugar Sports Drinks & Gels,

Whipped Cream Unicorn Lattes

and Death-in-a-Can-Sodas


Every Champion was once a, contender that refused to give up.

KNOCKOUT artificial energy drinks, high sugar sports drinks, death-in-a-can sodas, unicorn lattes, weak shots and more. Pound for pound, win the round. Get Punch'd. Taste the Power. Change Your Caffeine Routine, Naturally & Safely.

Too much caffeine or not enough caffeine is a problem for all of us. Personalize Your Power with a couple of Punch'd Gummier at a time. Dial in the perfect, customizable amount of caffeine to your needs, your tolerance and the activity at hand.

Green Coffee: Natural fat burner.

Instant Energy: The Fastest Way to Caffeinate Premium, Strong Arabi. Green Coffee Delicious Real Super Fruit Gummies.

Dietary Supplement: Low cal, Low sugar, Low glycemic All Natural & Organic Ingredients No HFCS, no -tols, no junk with Vitamin C

Life's Hard. Keep Punching!

It Takes Energy to Smile

Caffeine Gummies are a new way to power up! Combining 2 of our favorite things.

Caffeine Gummies are a new category of energy supplement.
Instant real fruit energy dietary supplement and fat burner with Vitamin C.

Power'd by Premium Arabica Green Coffee Beans infused with real apples, grapes, oranges, limes, strawberries, cherries, pears and peaches.

The most convenient and fastest way to energize your body and your mind.

10X Faster than coffee, more powerful than a soda and healthier than energy drinks.

Personalize Your Power! One gummy at a time. 10mg of caffeine per gummy, consistently every time.

Learn how to caffeinate safely, find your optimum dosage for the activity at hand. Some people are fast metabolizers of caffeine, some are slower.

People that are sensitive to caffeine will find that Punch'd Energy is a better way to use caffeine as it was intended. Moderate with 2-3 gummies at a time until you find your comfort level. The low 10mg dose makes it easy.

Natural Caffeine is one of the best things on the planet for us! It has to be natural, it has to indicate a plant source on the label. If it just says "caffeine" ifs not natural.

You have the Power! The power to do better, to be better, to be your own hero every day.

We all have those days, days where it takes everything we have to crack a smile. Punch'd Energy will put a smile on your face every day.

Pound for pound. Punch'd helps you punch above your weight class. Keep Punching!

Faster Way to Caffeinate!

Faster than coffee because you chew your Energy!

Sometimes life is so obvious. Combining two of our caffeine 6 Gummies make your day that much more me and interesting.

Little Gummies, Big Deal.

"Please note: Gummies will melt > 95 degrees, just like chocolate,lipstick and crayons.

If for some reason, you receive our gummies melted we will gladly work with you to resolve the issue and get you new gummies.