We're Your Personal Caffeine Coach!

Maximize your Energy Throughout the Day by Microdosing Caffeine

Energy Drinks & Coffee will get you short-bursts of energy. Punch’d Energy keeps your energy levels in the optimal zone all day.

Most people are either getting too much caffeine all at once, or not enough natural caffeine to maximize the amazing daily benefits. We’ll guide you on when and how to microdose caffeine to extend your productivity on longer days or for strenuous activities.

(AKA: LIFE) And Yes - those numbers are legit. See how your mind and body feel after a few weeks with Punch’d. Knockout all those artificial energy drinks, over-sugarfied sodas and giant whipped cream lattes.

1) Are you here because you're looking to avoid over-caffeination? Remember it's personal. Try 2-3 G's at first, repeat every other hour or as needed.

2) Are you here because you're looking for a cleaner natural caffeine experience? You know what to do. Try 4-5 G's and repeat every hour or so.

Punch'd is a faster, more convenient way to powerup. Almost instant caffeinication because you chew your energy and it dissolves quickly into your energy system.

This is pure green coffee bean caffeine. If the label says "plant based" from nature, that means your caffeine is clean. If the label reads just "caffeine", it's not.

Get back to your fighting weight. Punch’d Energy is the first viable, all natural alternative to all that other junk. It really works, and fast. Let us know what your current caffeine routine looks like - what you’re taking; when you’re caffeinating and what your typical day looks like.

We’ll custom tailor a Punch’d Energy Caffeine Routine for you so that you can maximize your time and energy. We are Your Caffeine Coach! #getpunchd


The Power of Green Coffee Beans

Backed by Years of Scientific Study

How Punch’d Energy compares to Energy Drinks, Soda & Coffee

Low Glycemic | Low Calorie | All Natural | No Sodium | Microdosing | Non GMO

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