Low Carb

Low Carb

Keto, Atkins, South Beach, Paleo, who can keep up?

The easy, healthy rule to keep in mind is that if you keep your carbs under 50g/day your winning. 50 grams is not a lot, and you can blow through that number really quick with giant lattes and energy drinks.

The energy you need every day to move around can come from many sources. You want them to be clean sources, and ideally you want to be burning fat for energy, not carbs. Your body stores about 40,000 calories of fat compared to just 2000 calories of stored carbs. If you stop giving your body carbs it will seek out energy from your fat storage.

(Keto) Ketones are molecules formed by the breakdown of stored fat. These little guys represent premium high-octane fuel for your body.

That carb craving you're feeling is real; it's your body searching for the regularly scheduled carb load you give it every couple of hours. Carbs for breakfast, carbs for lunch, carbs for dinner, carbs while watching TV, it’s a vicious cycle. We're all glorified carbohydrate burners, ask any nutritionist, and all those carbs cause disease and health problems.

Your "Eat This, Not That" list is pretty straightforward in Keto. Count to 50g carbs/daily and stop. Eat the wild, grass-fed, free-range meats, poultry and fish. Eat eggs. Eat fats from fish and animals, butter, olive oil and coconut oil are good; corn, HFCS, refined and trans fats are no good. Eat vegetables, dark leafy ones and the cruciferous ones, zucchini not pasta, and not the starchy potatoes. Full fat cheese is good, cottage cheese also a very good source of protein, stay away from milk. Nuts in moderation because they are calorie dense, berries, avocados, tomatoes, lots of water, teas, light beers, tequila, black coffee, and caffeine helps the process too so don't forget your caffeine gummies which don't hit your diet if you're active.

Punch’d Gummies have only 8g’s of carbs and also have 40mg of fat burning green coffee caffeine per serving.

Don’t bonk. Bonking is when you run out of carbs to burn when all you’ve been feeding yourself is carbs. Runners also call it the wall, that point you need to push through to get to the fat burning part of the race, usually mid to late in the race. The body stores 40,000 calories of fat compared to just 2000 calories of carbs. Stop giving your body carbs and it goes to the fat stores for energy. Push through the bonk.