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🛶 Hack Your Happy Hormones to Float Your Boat

🛶 Hack Your Happy Hormones to Float Your Boat
Your brain is 95% water.
Imagine a little boat with four happy hormones aboard. They don’t want you to sink them!
Your Crew:
            Dopamine – “Captain”
            Serotonin – “First Mate”
            Endorphin – “Doc”
            Oxytocin – “Buddy”
This is quick guide to keeping your 4 Happy Hormones afloat and in their happy place.
The Captain of your ship, this is where you really find your happy. Dopamine acts as a reward mechanism. He motivates, helps you get moving, focuses attention, facilitates learning, and regulates your mood. He’s also involved in processes way beyond just reward, such as motor control, memory, and decision making.
Want to BOOST your Dopamine? Caffeinate, listen to upbeat music, finish some work, grab a workout, eat a protein rich meal, all things that will make you feel good.
The First Mate is the voice of reason. He’s a mood stabilizer who increases happiness by reducing anxiety and improving sleep. This Hormone can conflict with The Captain at times, but it may or may not be for the better in certain situations.
Want to stimulate your Serotonin? Go for a walk, get some sun, do some yoga or cardio activities, practice breathing and meditation, all the things that will bring a confidence and calming factor to your day.
Doc is your natural painkiller. To boost your pleasure center, you need to reduce stressors. Doc can do this for you. Sometimes the First Mate and The Doc work together, especially with the breathing techniques. Sometimes they work opposite each other.
Bumping up Endorphins is pretty straight forward with exercise, dark chocolates, comedy and amazing smelling essential oils or candles doing the trick.
We all have this friend. The one we fell connected to the most. She’s a deep, bonding Hormone. She’s caring, is always hugging you and makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.
Pet your dog or cat, give someone a hug, hold hands, or cook for your loved one. These are the oooooh ahhhhhs of Oxytocin, along with many more.
Riding with The Crew!
Think you can keep them happy? Keeping a tight ship is easier than you think, and it starts with the guy at the helm.
It’s only been about 20 years since we really discovered how Dopamine works. This is almost unbelievable. It really wasn’t until 2000 that scientists were recognized for figuring out its significance as a neurotransmitter in the brain. There’s still so much to learn.
Dopamine is both a Happy Hormone and a Happy Neurochemical, that’s why he’s the Captain.
Both Hormones and Neurochemicals are involved in cell signaling and physiological regulation. Hormones travel through the blood stream to their target cells or organs; Neurochemicals primarily operate their messaging services throughout the nervous system.
Dopamine is instrumental in understanding ourselves. It’s connected to how we live and age. Maintaining healthy dopamine levels looks to slow down the aging process. They’re studying this in much more detail, but the Big News is that it is also your secret weapon against anti-aging.
Smart Water
Caffeine is one of the ways to increasing and optimizing dopamine levels in the brain. This is a connection we can really get behind. The satisfying feelings of pleasure and reward are right here in our Caffeine Gummies.
Da is the abbreviation for Dopamine, and here’s where it gets fun. Your body can be trained to produce more dopamine. Lifestyle, exercise, sleep, diet, and engaging activities that you enjoy all contribute the natural production of dopamine. Your energy really determines everything.
We all fear death. It’s coming for us, and so we search for the fountain of youth just as our ancestors did through the generations. Want to live longer? Live happier.
Aging is complicated and we all age at different rates. Evolution plays a huge role, but in today’s world it’s becoming clearer that environmental and man-made issues are quickly becoming the things we need to figure out if we want to live.
Are you a positive, glass half full person, that works out and exercises often, eats healthy, dinks clean water, and generally has a smile on your face? Then we want to hang out with you because you’re going to age more slowly than others.
Dopamine seems to be a relatively new wildcard we must play in the game of our lives. Our brain’s capabilities have barely been explored to date; it’s still classified as a miracle of existence. The billions of neurons in a single part of brain tissue light up as many connections as there are in the Milky Way. You literally have a universe in your head.
Happiness and youth rolls through the center of all this, spurred on by Dopamine, aka the “pleasure hormone”. Motivation, infatuation, humor, joy, smiles, all affect your heart, kidneys, immune system and other parts of the body and mind giving it one of the most important jobs in the universe.
Don’t have enough dopamine today? That leads straight to depression and feeling old. The lack of this neurotransmitter quickly becomes out of control in the rest of your system leading to malfunctions and break downs.
If Dopamine is misfiring, or not being regulated properly, it will show up as neurological and psychiatric disorders like Parkinson’s, schizophrenia, and addiction. It’s already being used therapeutically to address cognitive decline and neurodegenerative diseases.
Hey, you have a nice personality. That usually means something else, but in this case, Dopamine can affect your outward facing attitude towards everything. That puzzle of behaviors, thoughts, and emotions from person to person gets even messier without this hormone.
Dopamine levels are a determining factor in predicting personal success. Remember this!
Need some other Dopamine tips? Here’s some:
Make your home happier with dopamine boosting decorating tips! Yeah, we’re going here. This gets us excited too. If your home isn’t delivering happiness and joy on the daily, then it’s not doing its job.
The abbreviation for dopamine is not “Dope” or “Dopey”, it’s DA. Dopey is that little person who is always sluggish and out of it. Don’t be Dopey.
Caffeine Gummies are part of your age-fighting tool kit and we’re already in your corner!

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