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Eliminate Caffeine Fatigue

Eliminate Caffeine Fatigue

No Spikes = No Crash

No Ups = No Downs

Avoid the dreaded caffeine fatigue cycle that most of us put ourselves through every day. Stop stringing together a bunch of drinks or stuff that causes spike/crash events. Moderate and modulate your caffeine.

Typical drink cycle: Slam a drink, the rollercoaster goes up up up ... and then it comes crashing down fast. That's the ride. That's that nauseous feeling. Agro.

Take the BFY train instead. Better For You. It means don't go so high up. Keep your caffeine and energy levels in their optimal zone - specifically for you - all day long (or as long as you need it).

Piece together your caffeine. Microdose your caffeine in the form of caffeine gummies to dial in the perfect amount. No more spikes, no more bounces, no more crash. No more caffeine fatigue. No more feeling crappy. No more drama.

Too much caffeine will derail your plans rather than support them. Too little will do the same thing. 

There's also another factor - sugar. Blood sugar spikes are also a problem with most energy products on the market. This is an additive problem. Caffeine Spikes + Blood Sugar Spikes = Double Trouble with the fatigue factor. You can avoid both of these problems with one product. Punch'd Energy.

Accurately microdosing caffeine while using an ultra low glycemic product like Punch'd is the only way you eliminate caffeine fatigue completely. 

Do you know what happens inside your body when you get a rush of sugar? It's not pretty.

Did you know that if the Soda Co’s didn’t put phosphoric acid in their products you would probably puke from all the sugar in them?

Do you know the difference between natural and synthetic caffeine? There's a real difference in both power and health benefits.

It's a scary world out there these days, we're here to help you navigate it with more energy.

When it comes to caffeine - we know it all. Your health could use us as a Caffeine Coach.

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