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Don't Poop Out

Don't Poop Out
We can't hold it in anymore ... 
Reviews say Punch'd doesn't make you poop!
It's a question we get on the "regular".
"Why does coffee make me poop ... but the gummies don't?"
These probably aren't our favorite reviews, but they are a solid #2.
Punch'd Gummies don't make you poop for two reasons:
1) Brewed coffee is different than raw, unbrewed coffee,
2) Hot brown liquid is different than a fruity gummy.
Further study reveals that when you chew your gummies, most - if not all of the gummy dissolves in your mouth and never reaches your stomach to initiate the gurgle. This is a big win for people with digestive disorders or other gi difficulties. People say it's the best non-feeling ever.
Brewing coffee creates other complexities that come out in the form of acids, oils and digestive stimulants. Increased peristalsis, ever heard of it? Neither did we, it means coffee gets your bowels moving. Some people may still rely on that, we get it.
In summary, Punch'd Gummies don't move your bowels, especially if you chew 'em all the way up. They also get into your energy system quicker than coffee and drinks, and that's connected to the dissolving act. It's a magic trick - just like Poodini - and that's driving the change in the way we caffeinate today. 
It's also good to note that not everyone experiences the laxative effects of coffee, but we still feel like this is an important public service announcement.
Don't be afraid to talk about your poo.
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