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Gotta Get Up to get down!

Gotta Get Up to get down!

Gotta gotta get up to get down!

1-2-3-4 Coolio said it best, and it’s so true, in whatever you do.

You need to get up and you need energy to make it happen.

Whether it’s sugar energy (not so good) or it’s green coffee caffeine with real fruit energy (much better), ya need the energy to get down, ya dig? That’s what Punch’d Energy is all about, with no artificial anything, skipping the gobs of sugar that every other so called energy product on the market has today.

Search for this Coolio song and find the YouTube video with The Muppets. Awesome. It’ll get you dancing in your cubicle. 

The goal is to smile more, every day, with more energy. Enjoy the moments. Positive Energy, Positive Results. Why aren’t you enjoying life more? Natural Energy Gummy Bears can help, and they’re just as fun as Muppets.

We know it can sound hokey-fanoke (Okefenokee?), but we’re really set out to have a good time, with more energy. This helps us be our best possible selves, and these Punch’d Gummies really work or we wouldn’t need to be popping them every day. We also wouldn’t waste your time if this product weren’t the very best product on the market. Premium quality green coffee beans, real fruits, power packed gummies, these are the real deal and provide real value that you can feel almost instantly.

Some call Punch’d Gummies “Ready To Eat” coffee, or edible caffeine, and we love nicknames. Skinny Gummies is still a favorite. Superhero Fruit Snacks? Yes!

Chew ‘em, Pop ‘em, and use them as a coffee alternative. Replace energy drinks, energy shots and super sugary sodas with Punch’d. You don’t need cheap caffeine pills, caffeine tablets or other caffeine supplements when you have natural energy boosting gummies by your side. And you can be assured of the high quality premium ingredients we hand selected because we are making these for ourselves and for our families and friends. Made in the USA with pride.

The great thing about humans is that we’re really all the same; we’re all in the same boat. We all need the same things, and we all do what we do to get there. Whatever you do, Let Punch’d help. You’ll be really glad you have Punch’d in your corner and these will be your new favorite gummies, by far!

For more information, find our storefront on or Email us with any questions or comments, volume discounts, or Corporate deals.

*when we were choosing the graphic for this article, we stumbled across the Wiseacre Brewing Company! We have to try their coffee ale and even do a cross promo with them. Check ‘em out! They look like fun.
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