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How to Recover from a Long-Ass Flight
Punch’d Gummies have been proven to squash every travel related personal problem almost immediately, from big things like jet lag all the way down to a simple smile on your face. Flight Attendants, Ground Crew and Pilots LOVE them!
Fun article by @mmeltrez (link below) - He starts by pointing out that it’s easier than ever to fly around the world, but that there is a price to pay. He’s right, and the two big culprits that go hand in hand are time zones and jet lag.
Matt asks flight attendants how they work these transcontinental mega-flights all the time and then turn around and do it again two days later. Here’s what he learned, with what we know added in to quickly complete your recovery:
  • Feet up! Elevate your feet against a wall or headboard to reduce swelling in your legs and ankles.
  • STAY AWAKE! Until a normal bedtime in your new time zone. Get acclimated quickly with Punch’d Energy. Caffeine Gummies will also help keep you moving.
  • Don’t sleep in. Wake up at a normal time for that time zone, shake off the sluggishness with Punch’d. Easier than a cup of Joe in the morning, try them cold for a change up.
  • He says carb up, that a blood sugar spike and high levels of insulin have been shown to help your body adjust from your regular feeding-and-resting schedule, but this is not a great choice in our opinions.
  • Nasal Rinse! Like this idea. Clean the system every chance you get.
  • EXERCISE! Yes! Get a workout in as soon as you can to help increase mental alertness and acuity and help regulate your sleep cycle and eating habits. Pushups and situps in the hotel room? You betcha. Hotel gym? Even better. Caffeine Gummies to get you motivated and amp up your performance, oh yeah.
  • Fresh Air, deep breaths, oxygenate the body. Great suggestion. Take a walk if you can.
  • Get a massage. Another way to get the blood flowing in the right direction again.
Travel Well. Punch'd Gummies. Get Some.
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Nicholas Krivoruchko September 22, 2017

Great advice. Love it. I’ll bring some Punch’d gummies the next time I travel.

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