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Let's Take a Coffee Nap!

Also known around here as a Caffeine Gummie nap. How do you do it?

Find 15-20 mins in your day for quiet time, under your desk, in the car, in a dark closet, find the perfect spot where your co-workers can't take pictures.

Pop a half a pack of Punch'd, or more depending on your caffeine tolerance and the results of this experiment. Then rest your eyes. Don't forget to set your alarm!

How do you feel? Super Energized right?! That's counterintuitive in most cases, lots of people will say naps make them feel sluggish, but if you have Punch'd with you the opposite happens.

Why does this work? Quick reminder of how adenosine works inside our bodies. Adenosine is a hormone in sleep regulation. When you're awake, there is a build up of adenosine in the brain, which inhibits the neurons, and produces tiredness.

Caffeine fights off the adenosine like a Champ, that's its job. That's another reason we're called Punch'd Energy. If there's less adenosine to fight with the caffeine works more effectively. Some people say that colors and dreams are more vivid and when you wake up you feel supercharged. Another Tesla reference? Still waiting for Elon to call us back on our idea for the Punch'd Energy slot in the dashboard...

Coffee naps are a real thing. 

A coffee nap entails drinking coffee or popping Punch'd Gummies before sleeping for a short period of time. You're boosting energy levels by increasing your brain’s capacity to receive caffeine. You will wake up a new person and who knows you may even come up with fresh solutions to your problems at hand.

Either you run the day, or the day runs you. – Jim Rohn





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