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Superfan Blog

This is what our superfans know that you may not... we really love our customers and we really love our business.

Who are the big brands you love today? Amazon, Apple, NFL, Chick-fil-A, which are your favorites? A lot of us automatically or organically promote our favorite brands because they’re the ones we keep going back to over and over again. These brands are ingrained into our personalities now, deep into our psyche, and unless they do something really wrong we’re with them for life.

That’s a big deal. That’s the definition of greatness and the way they get there is simple – be consistently great.

The word superfan means something special too. If our superfans, our best customers aren’t telling their friends and family about us we’re in trouble. We live for our Punch’d People sharing their experiences with Punch’d Energy. That’s everything to us, for real. This is exactly how this company was started, surprising people in a different way. We live for the “Wow!”

Brittany Hodak is a keynote speaker and has written a book on superfans. She also came up with the SUPER acronym.

The SUPER acronym is a perfect way to present what our superfans know that you may not. This is how we go to market, this is what we stand for and this is why people are talking about Punch’d today. We work hard to be remarkable.


S = Our story. This is our superpower. Why do people love us? The reasons are all over the place, if you look at our reviews there are thousands of use cases across almost all demographics and age groups. Our story started with family and friends whose lives that got better with an easier way to stay in the game (their game). We’ve created the healthier, easier, faster, funner way to caffeinate. That’s us, that’s who we are, we are the first to cram all this power into a real fruit natural gummy.

U = Understanding our customer’s story. Why do people need us? Where does your story intersect with ours? This is the magical place that we both realize we need each other. We feel pain, we deeply feel the struggles in the world today. Life sucks and sometimes the only way to get out of a short term rut is to power out of it. To us, there is no better way to build a bridge to get out of our struggles than to punch our way out. Hitting life back takes energy, but it takes the right energy, with no regrets.

P = Personalizing your experience – feeds into understanding your story. We use data to connect, but the product is there to dial in or stack perfectly the good clean energy that you personally need to go. How do you do it? We have heard so many or your stories and we’re all different in how we power up. This is the beauty of Punch’d Energy. You get to decide, this is caffeine control, maximizing your energy over longer periods of time. That’s called Personalizing Your Power, PyP, and it’s special.

E = Exceeding expectations. We always want to do this, we strive to be better than expected. Sometimes it’s a little harder for us because we’re smaller than Redbull or Monster, but we’re here to talk to you when you need it. Our customer service is second to none, and we’d love to talk. If we can make a friend for life that’s the definition of superfan love. If things go sideways, we’re ready for it because we’re always highly caffeinated.

R = Rinse & repeat. Be consistent. User experience is something that we study. How you interact with us and the product is paramount to a good time. We’re party planning. How can we make the party better? How do we provide more touch points that resonate with you specifically. Is it more products, is it merch, is it the Punch’d lifestyle guide book, let us know how we integrate best into your world and we’ll make it happen.

Superfans are customers that create more customers!


All of us here at Punch’d Energy are superfans too. We get Punch’d every day and can’t live without them. If someone says Punch’d doesn’t work for them we question everything that exists. 

Are you a closet superfan? We see you! You have a stake in this as much as we do. Good, Better-For-You Energy is everything in this life. That’s what we stand for, that’s who we are. We want you to be a lifelong enthusiastic advocate for Punch’d Energy. Ready?


Keep Punching!

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