Be Your Best You. 

We like this message a lot. Eric B. has been using this as our mantra from the start. 

Be Your Best Self, For Your Best Self, In Your Best Health, Go You, all the same idea. You’re You, why not be an overachiever? 

Think about the energy it takes to be you. The thing we do over here at Punch’d is make sure you get the right energy, both mentally and physically. Start with Punch’d Patented Clean Green Coffee Caffeine and then dive into some of our energetic and inspirational posts. 

Our friends at Daily Stoic ( talk about Marcus Aurelius quite often. Today they described an interesting metaphor Marcus used. He believed that a man, an emperor, a soldier—everyone—was like a rock. Throw the rock up in the air, he said, and “it loses nothing by coming down and gained nothing by going up.” The rock stays the same.

We can imagine his own life mirroring this analogy. He was an ordinary man plucked by Hadrian to become emperor. Yet he could have been equally dethroned at any moment (and late in his reign nearly was). Did this change who Marcus was? Did it mean he was better or worse than other people? 

No. He was still the same rock. And so are you. Whether you have a day that begins with a promotion or ends with a firing, you’re the same. Whether you win the lottery or file for bankruptcy. Whether you address a crowd of thousands or have trouble getting your calls returned. 

You’re the same. Success or failure, highs and lows, they don’t change you. They are outside you. These are indifferents. You stay the same. It’s how you create or react to your every day life that makes all the difference to you. 

Be Your Best today and everyday.