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Keto Gummies!

Keto Gummies!

We’re big fans of the keto diet, we’ve talked about it here, and here. And we love caffeine. Turns out these two work together well. 

First step for you:

Knock out the energy drinks and sugary sodas from your life, altogether. Sugar Free doesn’t mean its good for you. Drinking a monster can of energy at the gym defeats the purpose of working out. When you drink coffee or tea, don’t add gobs of honey and don’t add so many syrup pumps. When you want caffeine in your life, try a pack of Punch’d and fruit infused sparkling water. Great combo in the afternoon and it won’t set you all the way back to start again.

New study! Caffeine increases ketone levels. 

Great news for the Keto crowd. If you already know what ketones are, you’re ahead of the game. If you’re not sure what ketones are or how to get them, read on for a couple more paragraphs, this is great news for your body. You can also refer back to our previous article here.

An easier path to Ketosis with Punch'd

You want limitless energy. Fat provides way more energy than carbs. We’re talking about your fat stores. The only way to tap into them is from a low carb, low sugar diet. To do this you need a low carb, low sugar functional food product. That’s what Punch’d Energy offers you every day. 

On top of that - Natural caffeine is one of the healthiest and most sought after ingredients worldwide. 90% of all Americans, and 80% of people worldwide, consume caffeine on a daily basis. Natural caffeine from green coffee beans is the best kind of caffeine.

Dedicated research all over the net shows that caffeine promotes fat burning and helps suppress appetite, making it immensely valuable for weight loss and body maintenance. Comparison studies show if you pop a pack of Punch’d every two hours during the day you would burn calories even if you weren’t doing any physical activity at all! Imagine if you were to incorporate a consistent exercise routine into your week. This is the negative calorie phenomenon and you need to take advantage of it daily.

This is BIG

Just how big is this revelation? Here’s the science from an acute metabolic study last year – Caffeine intake increases plasma ketones, by a lot. +88% and +116% with between 170 – 340mg of caffeine or 2 to 4 packs of Punch’d daily. Remember that the Mayo Clinic states that ~400mg of caffeine is safe for us on a daily basis.

You don’t have to eat that many Punch’d Gummies to take advantage of the benefits of natural caffeine. The key to getting to a Ketosis state is keeping your daily carbs <50g, or better. Your daily calorie and dietary needs are very specific and need to be considered as part of your lifestyle, not just a temporary fix. A Pack and a half of Punch’d per day will help you get there, fast.

Here’s what to do

Try only eating between the hours of 11am and 7pm. Your body will have 16 hours to clean up and take out the trash. Eat healthy fats, proteins, <50g of complex carbs and sugars, and use your clean caffeine from Punch’d to get you through the rough spots. Drink lots of water, try different green or detox teas, and feel the euphoria from being in a state of ketosis. Burn fat, not carbs, for food. 

Caffeine has beneficial effects on our health. It increases metabolism, enhances physical performance, improves alertness and reaction times and suppresses fatigue. It also prevents diabetes and protects against liver disease and cancers.

Let us know how this works for you. Do your research, and pay attention to how your body reacts and how you feel. You’re going to love how you feel.


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24 Jan 2019 Zerriona Williams


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