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Don't Get Faked Out by Fake Foods

Don't Get Faked Out by Fake Foods

Little by little Big Food and Big Soda have created an image of their perfect world where what they're pushing is ok for us to consume. It's not.

Disguise garbage as real food and drink, market it as the ultimate lifestyle product, even put big name athletes and celebrities behind it. They've told us all this crap is great for our health and now 25-30 years later we've learned that it's killing us.

Getting the picture yet? It's all about their bottom lines and profit, no accountability, no remorse, layers of management that don't care about you or me. It's happening more often than ever now.

And here come the other guys: Big Pharma and Big Government. We're getting bombarded by everything from all sides now. It's awful.

So what do we do about it?

We need to be smarter, get educated, fight back. Some guidelines:

  • Don't fall for fake anything. Fake meats, fake fish, fake burgers, fake eggs, fake butter, fake milk, fake chicken, fake sugar, fake, flavor, fake is bad ...

  • Pay attention to the label, to bioavailability, quality nutrients, ingredients you can read

  • Listen to your body, look at your body, it is an amazing instrument and it will tell you if something isn't right

  • Look objectively through misleading marketing campaigns. Realize that regular people aren't nearly as happy as those people in the commercials. Don't ignore the laundry list of side effects that they announce openly or hide secretly.

What's our cause?

Knocking out a lot of the stuff that we all consume for personal energy. We did this because we have families and kids and we did this for ourselves. Our loved ones don't need to use death-in-a-can sodas or artificial energy bombs anymore. That's our reason. Cleaning up this part of the market, Big Energy. 

What if we said it this way...

Punch’d is the only player in the personal energy space that is both 100% All Natural & Non-GMO. We also have a few organic ingredients in there too. Every ingredient is a known product. It's the first in a new category.

Or even more direct, Punch’d Energy has the power to replace a myriad of cancer causing products on the market. All the usual suspects, sodas, energy drinks, energy shots, sports drinks, all with tons of artificial and high sugared weird stuff that are killing us faster than ever now.

Punch'd is a better way. A better-for-you product that doesn’t inject risk and disease into our bodies. When a family friend recently went through the fight of his life, the Big C, he utilized fasting and eliminated just about everything from his regular diet. But guess what, he was floored every day and he still needed caffeine every once and a while to help him get up. He microdosed Punch’d Energy because we start with pure green coffee bean caffeine – which may be one of the most amazing things on the planet for us.

We are the go-to product for so many now.

Did you know that green coffee bean caffeine has a ton of health properties and benefits? Helps fight cancers and disease, reduces blood pressure, balances blood sugars, boosts immunity with strong antioxidants, increases metabolism, increases physical and mental performance, and supports cognitive function with a fast healthy energy boost. It’s also a big time mood changer and super motivator for good. There’s even more to it, and we geek out on it every day. 

We don’t have enough room to say everything we want to say about each and every hand selected ingredient on the tiny label. But our label is the cleanest and greenist in the industry on purpose. This is our cause and we deliver on this promise every day to help people change for better.

Our ingredients in more detail:

  • We use real Natural fruit and real Natural fruit juice, nothing else, no weird artificial flavors or made-in-a-lab junk

  • We use the highest grade version of Organic brown rice syrup to help with gummy consistency

  • We use the lowest possible amount of Organic cane sugar to make a gummy, this is why we’re ultra-low glycemic (very important to avoid any blood sugar/insulin spikes which are the culprit in so many problems today)

  • Purified Water speaks for itself, don’t even get us started on the water supply in our cities and towns

  • We use micronized, kosher beef gelatin. The highest grade, not the gross stuff.

  • GREEN Caffeine: This is our superhero ingredient. We've selected the highest quality source of a sensational Robusta/Arabica blend that is 100% All Natural, from the coffee plant, so its double Green – also meaning not brewed, not cooked into submission, which saves its health properties and benefits. We spent about 9 months looking for and trying out about 50 different versions of this for our hero ingredient. This is the good stuff, and doesn’t get any better. The proof is how it works and how it makes you feel. 

  • Even our citric acid is the highest quality, all natural ingredient. We could have cut corners here too, but didn’t. And never will on any of this.

Have more questions? We're here for them, and for you. It wasn’t easy to do this and we have the patents and trademarks to prove it! We utilized food scientists, Universities, the National Food Labs and even the US Army Nutritionists to help us develop this product. There’s nothing like this on the market today, we’re blazing the trail in personal energy with the right way to use green coffee bean caffeine for everyone. There’s a lot of science and technology behind our proprietary delivery system and we think you would be duly impressed - if you're not already.

Punch’d is different, because you’re different. Need more convincing? Haven't figured out quite how to use them yet?

Ask us!

Life's Hard. Keep Punching! 

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