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Evolution of the Personal Energy Market

Evolution of the Personal Energy Market

The evolution of the personal energy market.

It all started with water and fish food and now we’re putting things into cans with weird and dangerous ingredients, but I digress.

Punch’d Energy is the reigning authority on Clean-Natural-Energy in a gummie. (De facto standard alert: No one else is doing this)

We’re not a drink, but pair us up with a nice, friendly sparkling water, coconut water or even just pure water and you have a good-for-you low cal, low carb, low glycemic clean personal energy and hydrating combination. [Brand Partnership alert! Would love to work with a sparkling or coconut water company.] (update: still looking for a water partner in 2023)

Punch’d Energy is The FIRST Natural Energy Caffeine Gummie! BOOM!

As the First Natural Energy Caffeine Gummie on the market we have the responsibility to Taste GREAT and Really Work FAST.

We’ve picked some mouth wateringly delicious natural super fruits that everyone will like: Apple, Orange, Peach, Lime, Passionfruit, and Grape. [update: Apple, Grape, Lime, Orange, Fruit Punchd & Peach in 2023] We kicked out Grapefruit because it was just too divisive. And we know they work, that’s not even a question anymore. Pure, raw green coffee bean caffeine as nature intended, the strongest way to get your caffeine and bring a smile to your face. And because the power is in the gummie, it works fast, as fast as you can completely chew them to dissolve in your mouth and get absorbed through your cheeks. When your cheeks are happy, your smile gets even bigger, its fun.

Back to the evolution piece, it all had to happen before us. We all had to go through this process to realize it’s just wrong. And things have gone horribly wrong – I’m looking at you Big Soda and all your copy cats. They’ve created and fostered diseases and nasty growths in the human body that still can’t be fully explained. We need to do better, now.

Change is happening all the time, we should progress, not digress, and the Ready-to-Drink industry needs to step up. If they don’t its great for our business, but we would rather they did the right thing. It’s a sad state of affairs, we all know its the economic machine that drives Corporate decisions, and all their copy cats, but that’s not best for us and for society.

Did you know that Coca-Cola was actually invented by a Doc with good intentions. He was actually trying to make something that would refresh and fight fatigue and headaches. There was actual real coca leaves used to make Coca-Cola back in 1886. The original formula looks nothing like the monster that is today’s beverage. Don’t even get me started on the ingredients list and all the ramifications therein. As a reminder, you know that there are no vitamins, minerals or healthy advantages in drinking a Coke. Only detrimental health effects. Coke cravings only exist because of sugar addiction and their advertising.

Back to the sweet life of Punch’d Gummies, the other evolutionary thing that had to happen was coffee. We love coffee. We will never talk bad about coffee. We know so much about coffee. We know that we’re in the 3rd wave of coffee in the United States – Artisan High End Coffee. Look out mainstream Starbucks, serious coffee folks don’t want to drink your boring (over sugared, whip cream, mega calories) coffee anymore, that’s not cool. And we think using real, raw green coffee beans in other functional food products will be the 4th wave. (Check out the PBS Special “Coffee: The drink that changed America.”) Non-brewed, Non-browned green coffee beans are the ultimate in antioxidants and nutrients and wait until you see how well they do in a gummie!

Helpful TIP: If you ever burn your tongue on hot coffee, place a Punch’d Gummie on the area and let it dissolve. The pain will go away almost immediately.

Energy Drinks and Shots. Convenient, yes. And they’ve had their day, but again as time goes on we are progressing. There’s a better way. Even all the chews and gu’s that are for extreme athletes could create a product that is clean and natural, but sometimes marketing and positioning can over complicate things. Check out our nifty graph below:

We made this product for ourselves, our families, our friends, and we pop them daily so our motivation may be a little different than most companies. We also learned a lot about what to eat and what not to eat, who to trust and whom not to trust, glad to answer any of those questions. This all leads into why Punch’d Energy is so important. And that’s why you’re going to love it. We will continue to do our best to educate and spread energy everywhere we go, the world needs more happy, and I loved expressing how we fit into the evolution of personal energy.

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