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Stronger than Coffee: Oz. per Oz.

Stronger than Coffee: Oz. per Oz.

In boxing, they say"pound for pound" Punch'd Energy is a serious contender in the sport of caffeine.

To be clear, we love coffee. The original kind, not the stuff with pumps and whipped cream in it.

Punch'd is a great compliment to coffee - some do coffee in the morning and Punch'd in the afternoon. Many do just Punch'd all day, every day.

But we did the math.

Look at those Deathwish numbers, the strongest of all coffees(?), the championship belt holder.

Pound for pound, or in this case ounce for ounce and mg for mg, we're faster, stronger and more powerful than all these other guys.

Also key to note, the numbers don't always mean the same thing, especially in drinks. While coffee and energy drink both state their caffeine in mg's, the numbers can actually fluctuate quite dramatically for a number of reasons. Our numbers never change, they are accurate and precise every time. 

Punch'd is a different caffeine delivery system. But we have the same goal, and are part of the same team. Team natural caffeine.

Compare the numbers for yourself with other "not so natural" products. Is 200mg really 200mg? If you ate 2 whole Packs of Punch'd (200mg) you would probably be VERY over-caffeinated, real quick.

Moral of the story: Don't mess with us, we are the real deal Holyfield and we're fighting our way through the ranks for that title belt. We do caffeine better, and we can prove it - in the ring of life.

Get Punch'd. You're asking for it. Yeah we're chippy. And chipper.

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