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Unified Model of Performance

Unified Model of Performance

Army Researchers Know Exactly How Much Caffeine You Need For Maximum Performance.

The Army gets all the cool toys. And yes this study probably cost an atrocious amount of money, just like the hammers that cost $400 for some reason still.

In this caffeine study, they have the perfect scientific and mathematical formula to calculate exactly when and how much caffeine to take for maximum performance enhancement. 

Just use this algorithm and off you go!

The algorithm:

Here’s the full publication:

Jaques Reifman calls this the Unified Model of Performance algorithm. UMP for short. 

Easy, right? Looks like we’re gonna need an app for this.

We've got you covered and have done the math for you.

Configuring this algorithm for your specific personal requirement and sleep/wake schedule will do two things for you. 1) Create a timing plan for caffeine use; and 2) Indicate an exact caffeine dosage. Following this strategy will boost your performance by up to 64% and by getting the timing correct you can reduce your regular caffeine consumption by 65%.

Punch’d offers several benefits to help implement this strategy, A) Exact measurable dosages by gummie; B) Fast absorption by dissolving in the mouth; and C) being Ready To Eat at any time.

We like the Military tie-in for Punch’d, because we qualified for their BE FIT program. Punch’d comes along at the perfect time as a healthy and fit alternative to other energy products on the market that either have too many artificial ingredients or too much sugar or sugar substitutes.

Personalizing Your Power is something we set out to do when we created Punch’d. If you can’t figure out the algorithm yourself, and you have somewhat of a “normal" circadian rhythm and “normal” homeostatic process (“normal” metabolization of caffeine) then here’s what we would recommend:

Stack 'em

  • Take Punch’d between the hours of 10am –Noon 

  • And then again between the hours of 2pm – 6pm

If you’re working more than normal, or playing late at night, pop Punch’d as necessary. If you’re getting up earlier than most, pop Punch’d earlier in the morning. The key is not to disrupt your normal body rhythm.

Typical Punch’d usage is 2-3 packs of Punch’d/day based on a 2-3 cup of coffee/day regimen. Could be one-or-the-other or a combination of both, Punch’d & Coffee. 

Our math is easier to understand than the algorithm, try a half pack and see if you feel the smooth focused power of Punch’d, if not pop the rest of the pack. Continue popping Punch’d every hour for as long as you need the boost. It’s up to you, results are unlimited. 

Give it a try, we think your peak performance can be even higher than 64%. Punch’d helps you Be All You Can Be. Remember that Army slogan? 

Punch’d Army Strong.

Be Fit


Need a Caffeine Coach? or a Caffeine UMP? Reach out:

Thanks for the discovery article Wanda Thibodeaux !  @WandaThibodeaux

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