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What is Clean Caffeine MicroDosing?

What is Clean Caffeine MicroDosing?

Microdosing is the practice of taking smaller amounts or doses of caffeine, usually around one-tenth or one-twentieth of a normal dose, over an extended period of time. The case for lower amounts of caffeine, as an ergogenic aid over an extended period of time, is uniquely demonstrated with Punch’d Energy’s calculable & accurate dosage of 10mg per gummy.

Smaller doses produce bigger results for extended periods of time.

Punch'd Energy's "Optimal Energy Zone" Chart shows that lower doses of caffeine over an extended period of time reduce the shakes, jitters and crashes that normally occur when does are too large for the body to metabolize all at once.

Popular Health & Wellness site MindBodyGreen posted this leading Doctor's recommendation of Caffeine Microdosing to his patients:

 "The goal is to take advantage of the full positive benefits of caffeine, without any of the negative. Be more focused, creative and present in everything you do, at a higher level of functionality and performance than without. Everyone is different, people respond to caffeine in their own unique way. Sometimes it's easier to ramp up caffeine slowly rather than go straight for the higher dose all at once."

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Caffeine has been used as an ergogenic aid or performance enhancer in athletic circles for many years. Ergogenic is defined as increasing capacity for bodily and mental labor, performance, stamina or recovery especially by eliminating fatigue symptoms. 

 "Research is in line and demonstrates that providing lower doses, more often, rather than all at once is the key to extending personal performance while minimizing undesirable side effects."


Caffeine in chewable form works 10-20x faster than drinks.

The typical time for energy drinks, coffee or sodas to take effect is an average of 45 minutes. If you had a large breakfast it will take even longer to navigate the digestive tract and get into the blood stream. Punch’d Gummies start working in less than 2 minutes for most people, some even faster. They also taste delicious, as they are made with real fruit, which means popping them every hour or couple of hours to keep energized over time is enjoyable as well.

The process of caffeine uptake through dissolving in the mouth has been proven in multiple studies to be the fastest and most complete way to maximize caffeine usage. The Military commissioned research studies on the effects of chewing caffeine vs. ingesting it to help sustain soldiers during sustained and prolonged operations (SUSOPS).

 "Caffeine is a secret weapon for the US Special Forces. Caffeine enhances performance, awareness, helps maintains vigilance and improves run times during all night operations."


"Delivery of chewable caffeine is the most advantageous, because it is rapidly dissolving sublingual – under the tongue and also into the cheek linings – the Buccal Micosa."


Caffeine and the need for instantly functional gratification.

In this day and age of instant gratification, the absolute fastest way to get that caffeine buzz we all know and love is to chew your caffeine. The buzz happens almost instantly because it stays in the upper torso, above the heart, instead of taking the deep dive through the belly. The head, the brain specifically, is where you want it to stay and where it goes fast. As fast as you can chew. Huge advantage with Punch'd Energy over drinks and other forms. Athletes and soldiers have taken full advantage of this for years, and now as civilians and regular Joes & Janes, we can too.

 "Another study has shown that popular energy drinks and sodas can cause a dangerous jolt to your cardiovascular system. The study found that healthy people who consumed a 32-ounce energy drink that contained 320 mg of caffeine and 108 grams of sugar all at once were more likely to have an abnormal electrocardiogram after two hours and elevated blood pressure after six hours."


There’s just too much caffeine (and sugar and vitamins) in most products today. We’ve learned that people are more often sensitive to caffeine overload than not. Personalizing caffeine amounts according to your specific needs and personal preferences is key. Only you can take into consideration the time of day, activity, physical, mental performance, hydration levels and more. Customizing your caffeine routine is as important as water intake, training, nutrition and well-fitting clothes. Looking good and feeling great is a direct result of personalizing your power.

We’re all unique in our energy needs, and you can now get your dose when and where you want it for consistent, clean energy throughout your day.

Go You! 

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