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What's a Caffeine Coach?!

What's a Caffeine Coach?!

We want to be your Caffeine Coach!

Think of this blog as a quick boot camp, training you to optimize and harness your personal energy every day in a more powerful and efficient way for the long haul of your life.

The feedback and data that we're getting to date is awesome and very detailed - Keep it coming! The overall message is that everyone is very different in how they caffeinate, and that tracks with what we thought as we started this journey.

Too much caffeine still leads by far over the not enough caffeine data set. We still suggest spacing out smaller doses of caffeine over a longer time as the optimal way to get the most out of yourself and your caffeine. This also prevents the dreaded Spike - Bounce - Crash problem that most of us are all too familiar with.

So how do we help be your “Virtual Caffeine Coach”

Let's start with asking what your current caffeine routine looks like… What are you drinking or consuming, how much and when? What does your diet/exercise regimen look like? What are your goals? What are the 2-3 most intense moments you're expecting today? What does your personal victory look like? That's a start... Feel free to email us with some of these specifics and we can guide you! 

Punch’d is GREAT:

If you drink 2-3 cups of coffee/day

If you drink a couple energy drinks/day

If you drink coffee in the morning but want something different in the afternoon

If you drink 4-5 diet sodas a day.

If you’re hooked on caffeine but aren’t crazy about all the other stuff in preworkouts or energy drinks

If you get the jitters or shakes from too much caffeine

If you’re constantly on the go or need a boost half way thru training

If you want a fun little fruit snack that doubles as a functional treat

If you’re looking to avoid the dreaded spikes and crashes of drinks

If you need energy and you need it in the fastest way possible

If you’re sensitive to (too much) caffeine

Some general coaching tips: 

  1. The term 'microdosing' means smaller amounts over a longer period of time help build up your energy instead of treating your body like a yo-yo

  2. Spiking and then crashing because of drinks is not necessary anymore, keep your energy curve flat for the day

  3. Build up your accumulated caffeine with Punch'd Gummies; Start and Ramp with 4-5 and then add 2-3 every hour or every other hour throughout your day depending on work loads

  4. Grab them and go, no mess, no fuss, no spills and no coffee breath!

  5. Speaking of breath, these are great as a palate cleanser after a big meal, great for recovery from that big meal too

  6. Pre-During-Post Workout availability to help you go farther, faster, stronger for longer

  7. TSA Travel approved. No more yucky or expensive airport/plane coffee. They really can go anywhere!

One more thing ... 

  • Don’t use Punch’d if you expect a giant sugar rush or a hot face niacin flush

  • Don’t swallow the gummies, chew them to get the biggest bang for your buck

  • Don’t chew just one gummy and expect boundless energy

  • Don’t take Punch'd on an empty stomach or without hydrating first thing in the morning if you’re sensitive to caffeine

  • Don’t forget to drink more water as caffeine can have a dehydrating effect

  • Don’t try and compare Punch'd to other energy products, Punch'd is different and can be custom tailored and personalized to fit your ever changing needs

But DO share Punch'd with your friends and family, because we're all looking for the Edge. That competitive edge in life. Punch'd brings the energy and the unfair advantage we're all looking for today. 

With Energy -

Punch'd Team

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