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Pre, During & Post Workout

Pre, During & Post Workout

How many mg’s of caffeine are really in your pre-workout? 1 scoop? 2 scoops? What else is in there?

These are all questions we’ve wrangled with over the course of trying just about every pre-workout mix on the market.

We’ve found ourselves underwhelmed or overwhelmed most of the time, sometimes we get headaches, other times stomach aches. It’s really hard to find that perfectly individualized clean pre-workout boost.

SPLIT IT UP: Know what else we learned? It’s a way better plan to split that pre-workout into PRE-DURING-POST to maximize the performance and work effect that caffeine and other energy boosters can offer. Want to work out longer than an hour, this method works even better for extending your time under weights or endurance and stamina training.

KEEP IT CLEAN: We also learned that if you can’t read certain ingredients on the label, or if it says “Supplement” on the label instead of “Nutrition”, beware. The weird stuff is in there and more times than not we’re cramping. Too many other “active” ingredients can also create crazy unwanted side effects like redness of the skin or tingling and numbness in the arms and legs. Keep an eye out for simple, natural solutions or at least clean labels that you can read.

OTHER WAYS: Some will take their shaker bottles to the gym, maybe with a little protein powder too, but drinks can be cumbersome, messy and they also make you feel full during intense workouts. How about sipping on a coffee all workout? Not bad, but make sure its black without all the sugars & cream or you’re defeating the purpose - and bring some gum because coffee breath doesn’t age well. Energy shots? Good thought, but too much caffeine all at once is the thing we’re trying to avoid here.

ENERGY EDGE: What about energy chews? Specifically  Natural Caffeine Gummies. Imagine popping 3-4 gummies before, during-during-during, and then after your workouts or strenuous activities, sounds like the future right? Well it is, and everything is in a gummy now so why shouldn’t our two favorite things come together and make our lives easier. Caffeine & Gummies, together at last!

CAFFEINE GUMMIES. Caffeine Gummies are the optimal way to power up for a workout, big meeting, test or even just this life in general. Because you chew your energy, the effect happens way faster than a drink – anywhere from 10-20X faster in most cases. The gummies dissolve into the mouth, specifically the buccal mucosa, or cheek linings, and that’s the fastest way into your energy/blood system vs. going all the way around the digestive tract. Less than a couple minutes depending on how fast you chew… Almost instant gratification!

The other benefit that launches caffeine gummies to the top of our pre-workout list is that you can personalize your intake and the timing of the boost. It’s enormously beneficial to stay out of the bounce or crash zone with any caffeine based product. If you can microdose or titrate exactly the precise amount of caffeine that you and your body needs for that exact activity - it’s a game changer. You can effectively create a limitless energy band for yourself without the spikes and crashes that come with over-caffeinating over and over again.

You need to try this for yourself, and of course we have the product we’d like to recommend. One more thing, it’s 100% All Natural, No Artificial Anything! Made with pure green Arabica coffee bean caffeine, these little real fruit gummies from really deliver big. They’re also ultra low glycemic so they don’t give you the spikes or shakes. Extra Bonus: They also boost immunity with Vitamin C! So many reasons to get Punch’d.

You can find them on the website, or they’re also Amazon’s Choice. The Vitamin Shoppe & are selling Punch’d now too! This is serious gummy tech, so serious in fact it’s patented and the first of its kind. Punch’d has cracked the code on natural green caffeine and personal power. They also taste amazing and smell even better – that’s the real fruit: Apple, Grape, Lime, Orange, Fruit Punchd & Peach – assorted.

Grab ‘em and Go You!

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