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Has Punch'd Improved your Daily Life?

Has Punch'd Improved your Daily Life?
Has Punch’d Energy Improved Your Daily Life?

Me and Punch’d.

Okay, so I found a new best friend in Punch’d Gummies, which is loaded with (Natural) caffeine. Here's why I like it, here's why it's in my travel bag. It's in my work bag. It's in my tennis bag. Not just for the caffeine. I like it for a number of reasons. Many times, I don't necessarily want to drink and get the caffeine of a 100mg espresso shot, which is very bitter, I don't like the taste. I will do it when I need to, but an espresso shot has 100mg of caffeine, on average. If I were to drink a cup of coffee, it's 8oz of water or 16oz, which sometimes I don't want to necessarily drink something like that. But I want the caffeine.

So, here's an option to get pure (Natural) caffeine, without a ton of sugar, without all the other things, that just gives me the boost that I need. And the other thing is, each gummy is 10mg of caffeine. So maybe I just want to take just enough to give me a “pick me up”, but not for a long period, and you kind of play with it. I found that taking three gummies (30mg) gives me a pick me up for about 45 minutes to an hour. If I want to go longer than I’ll titrate it. So that's where this concept of titrating the dose, titrate is a fancy way of saying, just adding enough, not putting a whole bunch in all together. Just a little bit, you know like when you cook, you just put a little bit of salt, taste it, put a little bit more salt, taste it. Just that way, right, using caffeine in that way, allows me to use just enough caffeine, so that it's out of my system so when I go to bed. I'm not wired, I'm not having this big energy rush. So that's why I love, love, love Punch’d.

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