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Is Caffeine Bad?

Is Caffeine Bad?
Is Caffeine Bad?

I actually mention this in my book (Lose Weight & Feel Great Forever). Caffeine good or bad? There's a lot of positive things that come from coffee. Coffee has caffeine. It has polyphenols, and it's been shown to have positive effect on the aging brain. Caffeine has been studied so extensively as an ergogenic aid that helps with power and energy, and it's been used widely in the athletic field.

Now, why do people start weaning off coffee? It's because they're drinking so much of it. They don't do the other things that they need to do. Like breathwork and managing their hydration and managing the environment they are around. Consuming the right amount of calories at the right time with the right type of calories. They don't do any of that. So what happens is, they wake up in the morning, they don't move, they drink a cup of coffee to get themselves going. They grab a doughnut, spike in blood sugar, then it comes crashing down at 10 o'clock. They need another cup of coffee and you can see the cycle. The same thing happened at lunchtime, they have lunch and they feel sleepy and they have another cup of coffee. They go to a meeting, they come back, they feel tired and have another cup of coffee. Then someone says, how much coffee do you drink? They say they drink like five or six cups and they go, Oh my God, that's so much. And so we go, You know what I need to wean myself off coffee. Yeah, that's a lot of coffee. That's a ton of coffee. With me going to medical school, going through three residencies, training in the ER, in surgery. Guilty as charged. I was a five, six cup coffee drinker for long, long time.

I actually thought I couldn't survive with coffee. But when you do all the other things you have energy, and what you want to do is use coffee or caffeine to maintain the slight natural dip that you get. So, using that caffeine strategically, is not a bad thing at all.There's a lot of positive things that you can get. Here's the thing, there's a group of people, genetically, they are what we call slow caffeine metabolizers. Meaning, they take a long time to break down coffee. So these are the people that have a cup of coffee at 12pm and at 8pm they're like, oh my god I still feel wired. That's because coffee is still in the system. I am a fast caffeine metabolizer, I've actually had my genetics done. That is why I can have a cup of coffee after dinner. It's one of my favorite things to sip on a cup of coffee after dinner and I can go to sleep completely fine because it's out of my system very, very quickly.

So coming back to it. If you're a slow metabolizer, you really want to limit the amount of coffee that you're drinking. Using Punch’d gummy for instance, you can titrate. You know what, I only need 20 milligrams of coffee to get me over the next four, five hours, I don't need any more. I don't need a big cup of coffee. I just need two gummies.

Well someone like me, a fast metabolizer, I may go you know what, I need five gummies for this hour, and then I don't need the coffee later. Maybe I'm the kind of guy that says you know what, forget the gummies, I'm actually going to have a cup of coffee because it relaxes me. So, this myth about coffee being bad, I disagree with this wholeheartedly. I think caffeine used correctly is a very very good thing. But again, know yourself, if you're a fast metabolizer, you'll get away with more coffee, if you're a slow metabolizer, you want to reduce the amount of coffee that you have.

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